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the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality

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However, there was also evidence of a departure from these principles in that there was observed an overall reduction in the inequality of earnings occasioned by administrative measures favouring equalitarianism.
An answer to the second question was found in Stalin's speech of 23 June 1931, in which he attacked "left' equalitarianism in the sphere of wages.
However, as discussed below, equal protection arguments for such radical equalitarianism are also unpersuasive.
Pursuant to our earlier proposition that feminism must remain faithful to its polyvocal nature, we would argue that equalitarianism though vital, cannot be the sole shining path for feminism, and that, for example, the discourse of "difference" and "the ethic of care" could also be considered as legitimate and potentially fruitful modes of analysis and praxis.
Philosophically, Trudeau's multiculturalism was rooted in the liberal ideal of equalitarianism by encouraging cultural retention and integration within a framework of individual choice and the existence of a welfare state.
This is striking in comparison with thoughtful and shrewdly interrogated pieces such as Elliott's commanding dismantling of erroneous equalitarianism in previous readings of the doctrine of "marital debt.
A social advantage of e-mail, therefore, is its equalitarianism that contributes to a new corporate culture in which executives keyboard their own messages rather than dictate them or develop drafts for another to keyboard (Kinsley, 1996).
One Nation appears to do so from the standpoint of a gut nationalism, while Davidson, from a far more sophisticated position, seeks some fusion of high-tech development with the equalitarianism, mutual support and even elements of co-operation which have in the past been compatible with a capitalism moderated by humanist values.
And all this is to be characterized by equalitarianism and individualism" [28].
Central to the exceptionalist idea is a set of immutable American values including liberty, equalitarianism (defined as equality of opportunity, not reward), individualism, anti-statism and laissez-faire, which - together with an intense moral emphasis deriving from Puritanism - have made the U.
The racist underpinning of equalitarianism did not change with citizenship.
to the fullest" and had a system best described as "rural equalitarianism.
Transcending one's egocentricity results in freedom from partiality and partisanship and achieving equalitarianism among the co-existences.
Since the expedient demolition of reconstruction, white America had lost enthusiasm for the enabling language of equalitarianism .
Indeed, the Left has replaced its long-held suspicion of universities as bastions of privilege, by a commitment to equalitarianism, where access to universities has become the core issue.