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a person who believes in the equality of all people


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Perhaps, given social, political, demographic, and economic changes in the ensuing years, the school cases would have come out the same way even if the McCabe majority had not included strong equalitarian dicta, or even if it had ruled that the denial of equal accommodations was reasonable under the circumstances.
It seems more responsible to choose some form of an equalitarian pluralist model, because minorities can be adequately protected in such a system.
This is a notion which, as usually presented, can create a little static within an approach which--as in the Green Paper's version--is linked to Labor's equalitarian heritage.
The organization had an equalitarian ethic to begin with, as evidenced by its no-reserved-parking policy and all-cubicle office space.
It was equalitarian in that Aborigines were granted citizenship rights which allowed them equal and individual access to their welfare entitlements.
Although the thrust of Locke's equalitarian doctrine is political, its roots are metaphysical.
The Court, at least indirectly, accepted the equalitarian argument of LEAF that this provision was justifiable because violence against women inhibits their social equality and that anonymity is essential to encourage reporting of sexual assaults.
If we have judges appointed or elected who will take their judicial responsibilities seriously, who will be fully equalitarian in their dispensing of justice, and who will be always vigilant in the performance of their judicial duties, sentencing can only improve.
34) A flouting of traditional morality and equalitarian modesty had coincided with the expansion of Venice onto the terra firma.
Fourth, Beiner's reluctance to consider traditional religion, nationalism, or ethnic identity--which, like socialism, tend toward an equalitarian ideal (albeit within one's own community)--as possible answers to the problem of community, seems programmatically to leave most human societies--possibly excepting America--devoid of their essential definitional contents.
The Colombia Country Brand is a competitiveness strategy of the national government aimed at telling the world that we are a modern, safe, free and equalitarian country with strong institutions and great opportunities for investors and tourists alike.
On the one hand, they usually consider the equalitarian human rights universalism as western cultural imperialism, even if its origin was a reaction to Nazi imperialism (2) and even if the principle of equality is obviously opposite to the idea of imperialism.
What we need today, is to construct 'a unified European Conscience' for a freer, safer and more equalitarian and united Europe.
Thus, according to the conclusions of Else Frenkel-Brunswick's surveys, prejudiced individuals were likely to be so according to the level of "dominance and submission in contradistinction to equalitarian policies" within a family.
The equalitarian work of the triune community" stands out.