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a sign indicating that the quantities on either side are equal

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Thanks to the popularity of the red equal symbol, which typically has the traditional yellow equal sign in front of blue background, the HRC has released a new way for Internet users to show support.
For example, students are very reluctant to let go of the idea that the equal sign always means 'give the answer', something discussed by researchers for many years (Sousa, 2008; Knuth, Stephens, McNeil & Alibali, 2006; Van Dooren, et al.
The next step is to change the IF statements in row 5 into text by inserting an apostrophe before each of the equal signs.
It has been well-documented that many students do not understand the meaning of the equal sign (Carpenter et al.
When elementary students encounter the equal sign in arithmetic sentences they tend to perceive it as an operational symbol, that is a "do something" signal, and tend to react negatively when number sentences challenge their conceptions about this symbol as in sentences of the form c = a + b.
Tip: With this method, a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-) may be used instead of an equal sign (=) in the first step; Excel will interpret them as equal signs when it creates the formula.
One third of the class (nine out of 27 students) gave an operational definition despite the fact that we had previously discussed the meaning of the equal sign in that class.
I have the Human Rights Campaign equal sign on the rear bumper.
The programs are "Exploring Geometry: Shapes and More" about two-dimensional and three-dimens-ional shapes, "Solving Equations: Number Patterns" which offers examples of using the equal sign, recognizing patterns, and predicting outcomes, and "Organizing Data: Beginning Charts and Graphs", a hands-on walkthrough to asking the right questions, putting data in a graph, and then using that data to make decisions.
Now everybody knows I'm gay: a rainbow bumper sticker, a triangle on my lapel, an equal sign on my HRC cap.
The four biblical citations were followed by an equal sign (=) and then a drawing of two men holding hands overlaid with a red circle and diagonal line, the universal sign for "Do Not.
Next to the citations was an equal sign with a circle and a line through it, and two men holding hands.
What follows the equal sign is not important as the interest built into the situation or if the factor on the left represents what everyone often needs to leave behind; Thus, a forceful conclusion is no better than it sounds today.
Equal sign, I don't know how anyone could change sex so ex- peditiously.
A dogmatic equal sign is placed between science and democracy--an equation based much more upon faith than reason.