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the right to equivalent opportunities for employment regardless of race or color or sex or national origin

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With this policy revision, we are now ensuring that service members are afforded protection against discrimination in the department's military equal opportunity program," said Navy Lt.
After two years of implementation of GPC, learning from the experiences of implementation of the GPC and after consulting stakeholders, the EOC would formulate Equal Opportunity Practices Code (EOPC).
Employers have had several decades to deliver equal opportunity in workplaces but have failed to do it, so it's now time for legislative enforcement,' said ACTU President Ged Kearney.
We do not want any commission such as the National Minority Commission to be any way undermined or diluted because of the emergence of Equal Opportunity Commission," Khurshid said.
The primary goal of the symposium was to conduct professional development training for command-level EOAs, CMEOs and other leaders who address equal opportunity and diversity issues.
There have been other instances of alleged failure of members to comply with the equal opportunity portion of IREM's Code of Ethics.
According to a release in FedNews OnLine[TM], Johnson said the recipients were selected for the honor during a yearlong search by the military service departments to identify people who have done exceptional work in the area of equal opportunity, affirmative action and other outreach civil rights work.
Yes, universities could require every student to take a class, complete with case studies, discussing core values, discipline, self-discipline, equal opportunity and treatment, professionalism, integrity, service before self, excellence in all they do, accountability, responsibility, duty, honor, and country.
I don't think that we should expect the medical profession or any other profession to mirror precisely the racial and ethnic makeup of the rest of the country," said Roger Clegg, vice president and general counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity, a nonprofit public policy research organization in suburban Washington, D.
The new law prohibits racial discrimination in public places and calls for equal opportunity in employment and education.
WRO is a not-for-profit organization that works countywide to promote equal opportunity in housing, promote affordable housing, and assist the elderly and disabled with myriad housing issues.
Australia's Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has declared that 'Black Lives, Government Lies' should be read by governments across the world.
For children, especially primary schoolchildren, it gives them equal opportunity to feel dislocated from their villages, their hamlets, their communities.
COVENTRY'S two universities have been awarded almost pounds 100,000 to help companies deal more effectively with equal opportunity issues.
It also creates a state workforce diversity program and a task force for equal opportunity in employment.
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