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a fossil hagfish of the genus Eptatretus

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15]N-enriched isotope values (similar to the hagfish Eptatretus sp.
Bathynomus giganteus captured with the Eptatretus sp.
It's a feather in my cap," Strickrott said of the announcement of his namesake hagfish, Eptatretus strickrotti.
Two species of hagfish are commonly found off Oregon: Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stouti, and black hagfish, E.
Report of the biology of Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stoutii, and the development of its fishery in California.
Circadian rhythms in locomotor activity in hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri, and the effect of reversal of light-dark cycle.
2% of the total abundance: Microstomus pacificus, Ophiodon elongatus, Sebastolobus alascanus, Eptatretus stouti, Merluccius productus, and an unidentified species (or possibly a complex of species) in the family Agonidae (most likely Xeneretmus spp.