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the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Due to the projected impact of the Epsilon acquisition on future financial results, Alliance Data is providing guidance for 2005 with Epsilon included.
As a full-service database marketing company, Epsilon works with clients to build strategic customer marketing information systems to track the transactional data that makes up each customer's relationship history with the client organization.
Epsilon also won the Bronze ICON for outstanding direct mail package, recognizing the company's SCORE lead generation kit.
Also, Epsilon is deploying Alcatel-Lucent's FP3-based 100GE technology on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router as the core platform for Ethernet.
Epsilon is deploying 100G coherent technology taking advantage of unique Bell Labs innovations in silicon to support data speeds of 100 gigabits-per-second on each of the 80 wavelengths of an optical fiber, significantly boosting network capacity and performance.
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This offering is unique in the marketplace because Epsilon provides from a single provider the transactional, financial, demographic and psychographic data and insights clients need in order to obtain a complete view of their customers," says Epsilon President Bryan Kennedy.
Enriquez, past immediate president of Florida Delta Epsilon Chi, was elected international president of Delta Epsilon Chi at the 41st Annual International Career Development Conference held in April in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Relizon Company plans to acquire marketing solutions provider Epsilon Data Management Inc.
NEW YORK -- E-mail services firm Epsilon will face years of repercussions and up to $225 million in total costs as a result of its recent data breach, a massive event that indicates the often overlooked risk of cloud-based computing systems, according to a research report released today by CyberFactors[TM], a cyber risk analytics and intelligence company.
17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Epsilon, an Alliance Data (NYSE: ADS) company and the global leader in creating connections between people and brands, today announced that Andy Frawley has been named Chief Executive Officer of Epsilon.
Agency Report 2012 Names Epsilon #1 US CRM/Direct Marketing Agency, #2 World CRM/Direct Marketing Agency, #10 World Agency Company and #9 US Digital Agency
Mice bred to lack the gene for an enzyme called protein kinase C epsilon (PKC[epsilon]) display far more calmness and curiosity in stressful situations than do mice who possess the gene, according to a research team led by neuroscientist Robert O.
Epsilon said that its goals are to blend the Foundation's successful premium-based approach with a mission-based program and strengthen donor relationships through personalized communications.
Federal Court has dismissed a civil lawsuit pending in Seattle against Epsilon Global Active Value Fund II, Ltd.