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The experimental results for the knee joints showed that in the case of epoxy glue the better way of reinforcement is to use two additional plates instead of one plate.
The horizontal beams that support the bridge roadway have developed tiny cracks at both ends of the bridge, and a contractor will use giant steel rods and a lot of epoxy glue to stop the cracks from getting bigger, said Steve Templin, an assistant project manager with the Oregon Department of Transportation.
If an item has no natural hanger, fix a jump ring to it with Superglue or epoxy glue.
Wilson noted that once gabbro rocks were positioned on the sea bottom of the relocation area from barges, the newly harvested corals were attached to the stone base using eco-friendly, two-part epoxy glue which set within roughly half-an-hour.
In the '40s, epoxy glue was used to stick acoustic tiles on the walls and removing the tiles has brought down chunks of plastic.
Buy tubes of epoxy glue, clean your pottery pieces, and then mix a batch of the glue.
Instrument maker Boosey & Hawkes, for example, offers a line of oboes and clarinets made from a heat-treated mix of African blackwood sawdust, carbon fiber and epoxy glue.
If the seat splits use carpenter's glue, or epoxy glue, and clamps to fasten the two pieces together.
Bimorphs were constructed by adhering two monomorphs together using an epoxy glue (Araldite Rapid).
At least he was pleased until one of them posted 93 theses -- of which he only read three before being plagued with self-doubt -- on the glass doors of the church by means of epoxy glue.
The most reliable mounting job is achieved when the mount base is bonded to the barrel or receiver using epoxy glue.