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being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym


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The eponymously named restaurant is run by Chef Damon Baehrel who grows every component of every preparation created by him on his 12-acre property, the New York Daily News reported.
Alexandra Ferguson, head of the eponymously named company that makes decorative pillows from recycled goods, all made in the U.
The eponymously named Adam's is a fine-dining British restaurant serving both a five and a nine course tasting menu.
We did not opt to hide behind companies but we carried out our bank transactions, as we always do, eponymously and with full transparency.
In 2011, the 44-year-old Australian also starred in a musical production, based on his own life, eponymously titled "Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway," that was directed and choreographed by William Caryle.
This book contains revised papers from the organization's eponymously titled seminar (October 2009, Como Lake, Italy), which expanded the scope to justice and humanities and focused on four themes: law and humanities; history, memory, and human rights; forgiveness; and justice, culture, and copyright.
The result - 1979's eponymously titled George Harrison album - featured the song Faster, written as tribute to the Grand Prix racers.
Oman Sail will once again field a second boat, again in a distinctive blue colour, but this time it will be called The Wave, Muscat, eponymously titled after her sole sponsor.
Still seemingly the new kids on the block, Bob Williams, and Mitchell Gold hosted a small gathering at the showroom of their eponymously named company to mark Its 20th anniversary.
Kriss Soterion is a Manchester-based former Miss New Hampshire with her own cosmetics line, eponymously titled "Kriss.
Her eponymously titled debut album, which came out when Swift was 16, became the first triple-platinum album to be released by a female country artist who wrote or co-wrote every song on the recording.
Cozy up in a gay artist's design by booking the crimson and black Biker Room, Andrew Harwood's nod to Easy Rider; the lavender and poster-laden Teen Queen by Cecelia Berkovic; the fairy tale-meets-lesbian separatist commune of Allyson Mitchell's Faux Naturelle; Ghost Design's sexy Blue Line Room, awash in cobalt (bonus: two custom-embroidered comforters let you select your "bedmate's" gender); or the larger, eponymously named Billio Room, an opulent red and gold tribute to the hotel's history.
Simone Parisi opened the eponymously named restaurant shortly after moving to Colorado from Florence, and it immediately burgeoned into a bustling business.
The eponymously nicknamed heroine lives in a world where vampires wage war on humans and the nice boy next door or cop on the beat just might have a little bit of demon or were-animal in him.
The term virtual community was coined by Howard Rhemgold as the title for his eponymously named book on the subject in 1985.