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Synonyms for eponymous

being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym


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New York [USA], Jan 5 ( ANI ): GoPro, a manufacturer of eponymous action cameras, mobile apps and video-editing software is reportedly facilitating a major layoff during the coming week, which is expected to cost around 200-300 employees their jobs.
Naypyidaw: Coca-Cola officially began bottling its eponymous soft drink in Myanmar on Tuesday as it marked a return to the former junta-ruled country with a pledge to invest $200 million and create thousands of jobs.
Martin Clunes stars in a new version of a 1970s British comedy classic as the eponymous character Reggie Perrin.
Highlights include Free fan favourites The Stealer and Be My Friend, Bad Company's eponymous anthem and acoustic encore Seabird.
Will Ferrell (right) is at his outrageous best as the eponymous hero - a newsreader in 1970s America who is horrified to discover his position as "anchor" is under threat from his beautiful new co-host.
Impressive computer trickery also brings to life the eponymous hero, a motorcycle rider with a flaming skull for a head.
And like the eponymous libidinous Austrian, this Mozart has, like all iguanas, a backup organ.
Recorded in the spring of 2006 in "our own little studio in Sunderland" the long-awaited follow up to the band's eponymous debut signals definite strides forward for the trio.
Gordon Ramsay has debuted his eponymous restaurant at the new London NYC hotel, 151 West 54th Street.
Everyone is suing Borat--the drunken frat boys who give the eponymous hero a ride in their van, possibly the government of Kazakhstan, and certainly the people of Glod, Romania, apparently for portraying them as residents of Kazakhstan.
Warner (of the eponymous Brothers), who famously opined, 'Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?
Filmmaker Patrick Bensard of La Cinematheque de la Danse has made her the subject of an eponymous documentary that includes interviews with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Philip Glass, and Yvonne Rainer.
The winner of the '06 edition of the record-breaking amateur singing contest, Taylor Hicks, sold almost 300,000 copies of his eponymous album to land the No.
spirits company's product portfolio, which includes the eponymous vodka as well as Level Vodka, Cruzan Rum and Plymouth Gin.
This fourth volume in the popular Artemis Fowl series pits the eponymous criminal mastermind, now 14 years old, against his rival, the evil pixie Opal Koboi.