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the person for whom something is named

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the name derived from a person (real or imaginary)

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More than just a word origin guide, it expands each entry to include stories and facts behind each name, adding describers and authors of the original descriptions alongside names that appear to be eponyms.
To my mind Ophelia's inspirational status might even grow to the point that she becomes the eponym for the dead feminine beauty.
The letter consists of two parts, the first an exhaustive list of all the titles and authors Mroue would need to read in order to answer Etchells' question about pleasure as it relates to the future of dance and performance -- from Sufi poet Jalal al-Din al Rumi to French aristocrat, philosopher and writer the Marquis de Sade, the eponym of sadism.
Very high pressure mixtures of chemicals, sand, and water then "fracture" the shale rock to release trapped natural gas, thereby providing the eponym for the process-hydraulic fracturing or "fracking.
Another literary flourish that can be found animating the Justice's opinions is the eponym, that is, a word derived from a person's name to signify a characteristic associated with that person.
5) In A Train in Winter, biographer Caroline Moorehead (6) tells the story of Le Convoi des 31000, the collective eponym by which the 230 women would be known, the name taken from the number designation of the transport train to Auschwitz.
I suppose it was inevitable that a middle-class organisation like the Fabians would choose a character from the classical world as their eponym.
Ironically, part of the problem with OWN's initial struggles might have stemmed from the enormously high profile of its talk-show-queen eponym.
There are occasions when the eponym is not long lasting.
As the eponym "Jones fracture" elicits a connotation of the possibility of delayed or nonunion, Torg reviewed qualitative radiographic parameters and union rates in his series of patients.
Now, Groupon has become what linguists call a proprietary eponym.
She exhibits her persona by her eponym "Widow" and by always wearing widow's weeds, the same black dress.
BEST KNOWN AS THE MAKER of the endlessly astonishing documentary Man with a Movie Camera (1929)--and also as the eponym and inspiration for a group of radical Left Bank filmmakers in the late 1960s headed by Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin--Dziga Vertov (1896-1954) is widely acknowledged to be one of the seventh art's preeminent practitioners.
When Parton was asked whether she minded being an eponym in this way, she joked, "No, there''s no such thing as baa-ad publicity.