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highly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era

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0 that he believes has epochally supplanted what has gone before--then on page 375 he says, 'this is the point in the book where I have to make a confession.
He was as Lord Black, chairman of the Telegraph Group, writes in a perceptive foreword to this uniquely interesting book, a talented media proprietor, an epochally stylish titan and a considerable though erratic influence on public policy.
We're still vamping, epochally speaking, in the "post-Cold War era"--an admission that we don't know where we are, only where we've just been.
22) Williams saw a related but distinct risk in a Marxian legacy of attempts to categorize cultural forms epochally, rather than contingently.
Projected above the entrance to the show, Andy Warhol's intentionally - and epochally - boring silent film, Empire, 1964, is stripped of its most salient feature, its durational character, and the movie becomes as static as a slide projection.