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Synonyms for epizoan

any external parasitic organism (as fleas)

of or relating to epizoa


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are recognized as epizoans on a wide variety of other mobile and sessile invertebrates, mainly crustaceans, xiphosurans and mollusks (see Mori & Manconi, 1990; Gili, Abello, & Villanueva, 1993; Key, Jeffries, Voris, & Yang, 1996; Villegas, Stotz, & Laudien, 2005; Fernandez-Leborans, 2010; Farrapeira & Calado, 2010; Lima, Queiroz, Bravo de Laguna, & Mioso, 2014; Lima, Queiroz, Oliveira, Christoffersen, & Guimaraes, 2016; Machado et al.
This site was selected for sample removal because it does not destroy the overall shape of the vertebra and because no epizoans were attached to the bone surface there.