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membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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The superior epithelium is clearly differentiated and stratified varying from two to five layers, which is compatible to the observed by other authors (Fujimoto et al.
EBK is the safest option available, and enables creates the perfect conditions for less painful epithelium growth and more satisfied patients.
K8/18 is the primary keratin and K7 is the secondary keratin of the simple epithelium.
FIGURE 1 provides two photographs of how the clamped epithelium appears from different angles before and after tying the knot.
Simple retina pigment epithelium (RPE) hamartoma is a rare entity, usually incidentally diagnosed in asymptomatic eyes.
The spermepithelium interaction assay was used to assess in vitro binding capacity of sperm to the epithelium of the SST, according to the method described by Steel and Wishart (1996).
In the proventriculus side of lumen, epithelium was simple columnar (Chikilian and Noemi, 1996).
Dentigerous (or follicular) cysts were diagnosed based on a stratified epithelium with more than one layer.
The mucosa epithelium of anterior intestine was mainly consisted of columnar absorptive cells and goblet cells.
Recently transepithelial cross-linking, gained rounds by leaving epithelium intact, improving patient comfort and minimizing the risk of infection associated with epithelial removal.
Key words: Cadmium, Cinnamon, Testes, Toxicity, Germinal epithelium, Johnson's score.
In the research, 101 patients were offered serum eye drops, after conventional treatments had failed to heal their corneal epithelium defect within 14 days.
According to their data, undifferentiated cells pre-existing in gastric epithelium can be differentiated by uncharacteristic intestinal type under certain unfavorable conditions.
Objective: To study the protective role of omega 3 fatty acids (omg 3 FAs) on the histomorphological changes in the height of the prostatic epithelium in rats induced by sleep deprivation.
It has only six cell types, all but two of which are incorporated into the epithelium that encloses it.