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a malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue

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Keywords: superficial epithelioma with sebaceous differentiation, case report, review, pathology, tumor, Muir--Torre syndrome
White, "A basal cell epithelioma in an African lion," Veterinary Medicine and Small Animal Clinician, vol.
Pilomatrixoma is a rare benign skin tumor arising from multidirectional cells of hair root follicles which is also known as Malharbe's calcified epithelioma (1).
Down-Regulated PAR-2 is Associated in Part with Interrupted Melanosome Transfer in Pigmented Basal Cell Epithelioma.
Recalcitrant Verrucous Lesion Verrucous Hyperplasia or Epithelioma Cuniculatum (Verrucous Carcinoma) J Am Podiatr Med Assoc.
Background and Design: Pilomatrixoma calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe is a rare, benign, limited, calcifying epithelial neoplasm that arises from the hair pluripotent precursor matrix cells.
1) The tumor was first described in 1880 by Malherbe and Chenantais, who believed that it arose from the sebaceous gland and called it as calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe.
Epithelioma cuniculatum refers to verrucous carcinoma found almost exclusively in the foot andwas first describedin 1954 by Professor Ian Aird [3].
Malherbe and Chenantais first described pilomatricoma in 1880 as a benign subcutaneous neoplasm thought to arise from sebaceous glands, and thus it came to be known as a calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe [4].
The peculiar behaviour of this rare self-healing cancer, called multiple self-healing squamous epithelioma (MSSE), was discovered to be caused by a failure in the gene called TGFBR1, which is a key component of a signaling pathway that can also be impaired in other cancers.
Multiple nevoid basal-cell epithelioma, jaw cysts and bifid rib: a syndrome.
carpio gill (CCG) Yes (8) Epithelioma papulosum cyprinid (EPC) No (3,4,15,16); Yes (8) Koi fin (KFC, KF-1) Yes (3,4,15,17) Carp fin (CFC, CaF-2) Yes (8) Fathead minnow (FHM) No (3,15); Yes (16) Chinook salmon embryo (CHSE-214) No (16) Rainbow trout gonad (RTG-2) No (16) Goldfish fin (Au) Yes (15) Channel catfish ovary (CCO) No (15) Silver carp fin (Tol/FL) Yes (15) Table 2.
These papules were diagnosed as baso-cellular epithelioma.
A 52-year-old woman with a medical history of depression, alcohol and nicotine abuse developed an invasive spinocellular epithelioma of the lower oesophagus.
Four specific neoplasms were observed in all of the studies, and increases in the incidences of these neoplasms were considered to be related to treatment: cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular adenoma of the liver, cystic keratinizing epithelioma (CKE) of the lung, and gingival squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the oral mucosa (Table 1).