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Synonyms for proliferation

Synonyms for proliferation

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growth by the rapid multiplication of parts

a rapid increase in number (especially a rapid increase in the number of deadly weapons)

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Studies show that intraductal epithelial proliferations are the most important risk factors [1-3].
Their topics include the origin of the intestinal epithelium, gastrointestinal neoplasms and clonal succession, identifying intestinal stem cells, the role of the epithelial stem cells in restoring damaged epithelium, and molecular mechanisms regulating epithelial proliferation and differentiation.
Altered prostatic epithelial proliferation and apoptosis, prostatic development and serum testosterone in mice lacking cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors," Biology of Reproduction 73(5): 951-958.
The primary study end point was change in Ki-67 index, a widely used measure of epithelial proliferation.
The phases of partial thickness wound repair include the inflammatory response, epithelial proliferation and migration, and re-establishment of the epidermal layers.
The defining morphologic feature of these lesions is the presence of arborescent fibrovascular cores that support epithelial proliferation.
But in dysplasia, seen throughout the entire thickness indicating abnormal expansion of epithelial proliferation zone.
Such findings can be explained by the high epithelial proliferation rate of these tumors, which is responsible for the growth mechanism of these lesions.
The positivity for a-smooth muscle actin observed in mesenchymal cells surrounding noninvasive epithelial proliferation suggests that epithelial signaling may be fundamental even before the onset of invasion.
Basically, a tympanic membrane perforation closes by a process of circumferential epithelial proliferation followed by connective tissue growth.
This protein appears to be a marker for breast epithelial proliferation.
Microscopy will reveal cystically dilated duct with papillary epithelial proliferation composed of branching or anastomosing proliferation of single or double layered tall columnar cells with fibrovascular core.
2,11-18) To provide further information on the clinical benefits mentioned in previous studies (22) the association of collagen membranes with DFDBA was chosen in order to assess the histometrical healing response and because there is a lack of research evaluating the regenerative process by means of microscopy, evaluating factors such as epithelial proliferation, cementum and bone formation, as well as residual recessions of the gingival margin.
Additionally, a separate and clinically unapparent encapsulated epithelial proliferation consistent with a monomorphic adenoma was discovered (figure 3).
It has been proposed that high levels of gonadotropins, which are frequently found in mothers of multiples, cause the ovarian stromal tissue to produce increased levels of estrogen, and, in turn, promote epithelial proliferation and malignancy.