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Synonyms for cancer

Synonyms for cancer

any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere

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the fourth sign of the zodiac

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Farletuzumab is a humanized, IgG1 monoclonal antibody that binds to the folate receptor-alpha (FRA), a folate-binding protein that is reported to be highly expressed on ovarian and several other epithelial cancer cells.
One such pathway that has been identified in epithelial cancers, including ovarian, is the BMI1 pathway, which is associated with pluripotent potential of a cell.
Specialists in genetics, reproductive biology, obstetrics and gynecology, and oncology from around the world discuss ovulation and ovarian surface epithelial cancer, endometrial cancer, and other tumors and cancers; the efficacy and toxicity of chemotherapy; types of surgeries and other treatments; and improving outcomes.
In connection with the treatment of the first patient in each of the Phase II colorectal cancer and epithelial cancer trials, Genentech is obligated to make separate $3.
Although most epithelial ovarian cancers occur in women without a family history of the disease, about five to 10 percent of women with ovarian epithelial cancer have other family members who also had the same cancer.
Six days is all it takes for a common, non-disease-causing virus to kill epithelial cancer cells in laboratory cultures, according to investigators at Penn State College of Medicine.
The model was said to be about 90% accurate in projecting the relapse of squamous epithelial cancer and nonsquamous epithelial cancer.
Women aged 18 years and older with histologically proven, newly diagnosed, ovarian epithelial cancer are eligible.
sup][1] Among OCs, 85%–90% are epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) types [sup][2] and serous OC (SOC) accounts for 70% of all epithelial cancer.
We require a platform for high efficiency isolation and recovery for use in downstream applications of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and other rare cell populations from whole blood of epithelial cancer patients and potentially other biological fluids.
EMT was first recognized in the early 1980s and was long assumed to be a feature of embryogenesis in which embryonic epithelial cells acquire mesenchymal characteristics that lead to cell migration1; however, EMT has in recent years also been reported 2 to perform a role in numerous disease states in adult stages and, particularly in the acquisition of EMT phenotypes in epithelial cancer cells, to be highly relevant to the infiltration and metastasis of cancer.
CA125 is the gold standard tumor marker in the evaluation of pelvic masses, particularly in the ovarian epithelial cancer, elevated in over 90% of patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer and 40% of overall cases with advanced intraabdominal malignancies with a cutoff value of 9 more than 35 IU considered as malignant But it has been seen that elevated serum CA125 ( greater than 35IU/ml) could be found in many benign condition such as menstruation, pregnancy, functional cyst, pelvic infection, and end- 9,10 ometriosis .
Finally, after 3 years of follow-up, none of these patients have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer or another epithelial cancer.