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an ode honoring a bride and bridegroom

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Whether The Triumph of Life (1822)--whose subtext is The Divine Comedy--would hold out a promise similar to the cosmic epithalamium of Prometheus Unbound we will never know for sure, since Shelley did not live to lead us out of the hellish dream vision of the surviving fragment.
Maremagnum de escrituras, Dictaminis epithalamium, Libro de las personas ilustres, Formacion del principe (traduccion y estudio de Jose-Luis Martin).
Componam epithalamium, sicut Battiades Callimachus.
Although "The Cardinal Is the Marriage Bird" is fragmented, its primary images suggest illumination, purity, and clarity--all things expected of the epithalamium, a lyric poem blessing the bride and groom.
The rest of Scavinski's oeuvre actually reflects the same transition from classicism to romanticism: the ode in celebration of a special event like the wedding of Grigore Ghica, several other odes in celebration of various beauty queens, an epithalamium in honour of Princess Elenco Sturdza.
An epithalamium is a poem written to celebrate which occasion in life?
Huic preterea Claudianus ubi De laudibus Stylichonis [properly, Epithalamium de nuptis Honorii] apud tuam Cyprum, rex optime, deliciosissimum describit viridarium, in quo omnia facile possint enumerari spectantia ad suadendam lasciviam.
42) Indeed, if it was somehow possible, which I admit it is not, the final lines from this poem are Joy Davidman's prothalamion and epithalamium to Lewis.
Ricardo Garcia Villoslada (Madrid: Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 1979) 7-400, at 227-30; Eva Schulz-Flugel's introduction to her edition, Gregorius Eliberritanus: Epithalamium sire explanatio in Canticis Canticorum (Freiburg: Herder, 1994) 20-26; and Jose Antonio Molina Gomez, La exegesis como instrumento de creacion cultural: El testimonio de las obras de Gregorio de Elbira (Murcia: Universidad de Murcia, 2000) 225-26.
Indeed she is, and what terminal epithalamium could do justice to this nugget of simplicity and pith?
1280-1284), Prosodion seu de accentu et dubilibus Biblie, Archivus seu Armarium Scripturarum o Mare magnum--y morales-Breviloquium de vitiis et virtutibus--, como del dominio de la retorica --Dictaminis Epithalamium (1281)--, de la musica-Ars musica (1296)--, de la medicina --Liber contra venena et animalia venenosa--, y de la historia--De viris illustribus (1281), De preconiis Hispaniae liber (1278-1282), Historia incliti Aldephonsi regis Castelle et Legionis--, hasta dar lugar a una monumental Historia naturalis (1275-1295) (17).
En la Real Biblioteca de El Escorial se conserva un epitalamio escrito por Diego de Guevara, hijo de Felipe, con motivo de la visita de Felipe II e Isabel de Valois a Alcala de Henares en 1560 bajo el titulo Epithalamium Philippi et Isabelis Hispaniarum Regum Authore (1560) (26).
In both its style and its circumstances of production, Marie's 44th Psalm, which was by tradition both royal Psalm and epithalamium, fully expresses the give-and-take between the courtly and the devotional that firmly places the vernacular Psalter at the center of the developing field of romanz reading.
These verses also seem to have given Ovid the idea of drawing on another Catullan text, an epithalamium (marriage hymn), like the song of the Fates: poem 62.
vision of Christ on the cross, the dream-vision epithalamium is a