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growing a crystal layer of one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that its crystalline orientation is the same as that of the substrate

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To seize the market booms, Formosa Epitaxy has planned to add 15-20 sets of MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) equipment to its Taiwan factory, and 25 sets in the LGD-Amtran-Formosa Epitaxy joint venture.
s Luminus Device for use of V-GaN technology, Formosa Epitaxy has effectively improved efficiency of its green LED chip to more than 100lm/W, which has been recognized to be used in handheld and built-in pico projectors now.
The California scientists build even more intricate structures, called quantum-well-wire arrays, by using molecular beam epitaxy to lay down vertically and sometimes horizontally alternating layers of gallium arsenide and less conductive materials, in this case aluminum arsenide and aluminum gallium arsenide.
This contract is - The acquisition of a new molecular beam epitaxy of cluster tool type equipment, : - And the upgrade of the existing facilities by molecular beam epitaxy in the Institute of Electronics South (IES) (renovation and addition of a buffer epitaxy chamber for depositing silicon layer ).
Formosa Epitaxy has also seen backorder of LED chips totaling around 30-40% due mainly to flooding orders, and plans to gradually expand output in the following months to boost sales.
An industry leader in the technological development and manufacture of silicon carbide (SiC) electrical components and materials for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power management and conversion applications, SemiSouth provides discrete power devices, simple ICs, and thin film SiC epitaxy wafers to commercial and government entities.
Contract notice: Complete system for molecular beam epitaxy.
Industry watchers pointed out that Epistar has in recent years built up its strength by acquiring stakes in major players on the island including United Epitaxy Co.
Recently, submicron ferromagnets have been incorporated into Gs and InAs by Mn+ ion implantation or by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE).
Nasdaq: VECO) announced today that it has received two orders for its GEN200(R) Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) System.
Chang noted that the company obtained the sensor-device production line through merging epitaxy-wafer maker United Epitaxy Co.
The factory, which is scheduled to be completed in October next year with total investment of NT$3 billion (US$90 million), is designed to turn out high-power LED chips and epitaxy wafers.
The 1700V MOSFET has a new gate design, a more sophisticated ohmic contact and an optimized technology to reduce the epitaxy layer thickness.
MOVPE system for AlGaN epitaxy It is carried out a tender for a R & D MOVPE (metal organic vapor phase epitaxy) plant for the production of high-quality AlxGa1-xN epitaxial layers with high Al content on substrates with diameters up to 125 mm.
Such innovations are only the most obvious indication of the progress that has taken place in the technique of epitaxy since it was introduced to SpringThorpe more than five decades ago.