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an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there

a summary statement of commemoration for a dead person

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Aware of this heritage, Diliberto, who worked as assistant director on the set of I cento passi, chooses to place right before the final credits an epitaphic collage of newspaper cut-outs of articles about the sacrifices of anti-Mafia heroes.
Wordsworth conceives of his community being substantially dependent upon a coherent practice of burial and epitaphic writing, which stitch together the symbolic strands of community into a significant whole, the chain of elements now making up cultural identity.
the reading and exchange of epitaphs: by epitaphic conversation among
Each chapter is broken into numerous small sections, and to each section he affixes an appropriate epitaphic inscription.
The living "coral takes on an epitaphic function" to restore to memory what has had to die below it (Amigoni 95-96).
The fixedness of the material sema was also contentious for the Greek epitaphic poet Simonides (ca.
Indeed, Frenzy acts as a sort of epitaphic film that integrates Hitchcock's favourite signatures and motifs coined in his silent films and recurrently revisited in subsequent cinematic productions.
Simonsen draws a clear distinction between Wordsworth's earlier and later inscriptional and epitaphic poetry, first by reference to Wordsworth's 1810 Essays upon Epitaphs in which the poet declares the need for the content of monumental inscription to reflect the materiality of its medium and the universal nature of its intended reader, and second by demonstrating how in the later inscriptional and epitaphic works Wordsworth consciously looks to page and print rather than monumental stone and engraving as the more durable and publicly accessible inscriptional site.
In often brilliant and subtle essays, however, the volume does develop a number of key Hartmanian themes, including wounding and memory, representation, history and ethics, witness, trauma, and the Holocaust, poetic figurations of apocalypse, reading and literary history, literary haunting, death and the epitaphic, intertextuality, and influence-and above all the poetry of William Wordsworth.
With no hope of rescue, Kip writes an epitaphic blog, which, unbeknownst to him, is read on the Internet.
22) Ian Reid, in "Marking the Unmarked: An Epitaphic Preoccupation in Nineteenth-Century Australian Poetry," VP 40 (2002): 9, observes that much Victorian poetry written in Australia constitutes "a kind of epitaphic writing that can involve considerably more than sentimentalized gestures of personal bereavement and conventional pathos.
inscriptions, epitaphic and autographic, show us that Spiegelman does
When compared with Van Eyck's Van de Paele Madonna (Groeningemuseum, Bruges), originally in St Donation, and also, like Memling's diptych, with an epitaphic function, the double image seems much later than the half century separating the two works.
Nevertheless, if the man-made epigraph signifies men's desire for the cultural appropriation of their woman, then, the epitaphic language itself also aspires to perform as a "counter-force" by disrupting and dissolving the masculine desire/law/language, attempting to reconfigure the boundaries of the relationship between the living and the dead.
There is accordingly an epitaphic quality in the reason Marcello offers for making love to his wife; the reason becomes a prayer addressed to his future, his death, but at the same time a theatrical role he has assumed: "Sono stato un uomo simile a tutti gli altri uomini .