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written in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence


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I can't think of a more lifeenhancing sight than our leading man of letters, Lord (Melvyn) Bragg himself, majestically mounting his mountain bike to check we're truly satisfied with our epistolatory deliveries.
She even tried to write an epistolatory [sic] novel in English.
Brilliant flashes of what was frequently a mannered epistolatory style drew approbation and would have been read out aloud by a friend of the recipient, for approval over the tea cups in the later afternoon.
The Prize List of 1879 indicates that the curriculum was becoming more academically rigorous with the inclusion of French conversational, dictation and composition courses, English elocution, epistolatory, correspondence and literature, German, Logic, Mathematics, Political Geography, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geometry, Algebra, Botany, British and Canadian Geography, and school philosophy was demanding the teaching of Christian doctrine.
Mackey's ongoing epistolatory fiction (the second volume of which has been published recently as Djbot Baghostus's Run) is titled From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate.
His 41 letters are among the oldest documents of epistolatory prose in Italian.
Though Sugg generally uses this quality to great advantage, I would have preferred a more explicit awareness within the book of such a fictionalizing technique, indicating the clear distinction between Donne's literary, polemical, sermonic, and epistolatory texts, and a scholar's re-creation of Donne's personal musings and attitudes.