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written in the form of or carried on by letters or correspondence


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This book is not just a much-needed addition to the field of early medieval literature, but its discussion of letter writing and epistolary culture also sheds light on social and cultural aspects of this period that are otherwise difficult to know.
Mollie Dibb, also in Year 9, came third in the same category and used the epistolary genre to detail the love between a First World War soldier and his bereft young son.
In following this development, Romani identifies letters, epistolary fiction, manuals and correspondence published in newspapers first as vehicles for the circulation of ideas and second as unconventional literary conduits for the formation of a collective, national identity.
An epistolary novel written after Austen had apparently already begun to move away from the epistolary form, it is a novella with an unrepentantly "bad" heroine at its core, and seems to sit uneasily among Austen's mature novels, as well as within a narrative of development that sees Austen steadily "outgrow" the epistolary mode.
Madhumita Mukherjee's novel is also interesting in its form; written completely in the epistolary, this novel charts the lives of two medics over a decade where one enters the world of surgery as the other leaves, their movements almost perfectly synchronized by fate.
Jullien's correspondence boasts many values as an artifact of the Revolutionary experience, of women's lives and of epistolary culture.
This is an epistolary collection of over 50 essays written by teachers to teachers about education and social change.
For Elizabetha Levin's essay, "In Their Time: The Riddle Behind the Epistolary Friendship Between Ernest Hemingway and Ivan Kashkin" pages 95-108, Levin's first name should appear as Elizabetha, not Elizabeth, in the headers.
It is a rare delight, especially in this age of virtual communication, to sample the letters of a truly great epistolary artist.
19th century - The Lustful Turk, or Lascivious Scenes From a Harem, was a pre-Victorian epistolary novel first published anonymously in 1828.
The epistolary novel, set in modern-day ystanbul, follows the story of two lovers who are torn apart by their own mental demons.
He uses narratology and intertextuality as his main tools, and takes a broad perspective by comparing Josephus with epistolary practices in classical and Hellenistic Greek literature.
Mailer here espouses just about all known and several unknown forms of fiction: Bildungsroman, epistolary novel, diary novel, phone-call novel, gossip-column novel, philosophico-political novel, pornographic novel and adventure story rotate into our field of vision.
In previous studies, including Letterwriting in Renaissance England, co-authored with Heather Wolfe, Alan Stewart has been a key player in opening up the field of English epistolary culture, and this new book further advances our knowledge about the material culture of letter writing in early modern England.
Later, the delegation headed to Bkifa and met with Armenian Patriarch, Aram Kashashian, who stressed after the meeting that dialogue is necessary to activate any epistolary role.