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the philosophical theory of knowledge

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The book discusses the major impact that the dominating Western epistemology had on the education systems across the globe and on what has become to be known as "the global architecture of education".
While it might be said that one can possess epistemic theories, or that one can have epistemological assumptions about what knowledge is or how it comes to be, it does not make sense to attribute an epistemology to a person or a set of people.
As my students gnaw on how positionality biases epistemology, so do I.
Epistemology is a branch of speculative philosophy, concerned with how we know.
Islamic science, however, was based not on one method but several methods for knowing the world about us, and a hierarchy was in fact created within epistemology in Islamic philosophy which also permitted the creation of harmony between various modes of knowing, including revealed knowledge, between what is attained through revelation, intellection and reasoning, and what is known empirically.
While the notion of caring research is not necessarily new, particularly for feminist researchers, Campbell's suggestions for implementing such an approach add valuable information to the literature on research methods and epistemology.
Enlightenment Aberrations resembles a conventional intellectual history to the extent that it draws upon the work of familiar figures: d'Alembert and Condillac serve as guides to Enlightenment epistemology, Condorcet and Sieyes expose the relationship of error and troth in revolutionary politics, Robespierre and Saint-Just represent the politics of the Terror, while Bonald and de Maistre outline a counterrevolutionary "politics of sin.
Table 1 Observations of Learning Community Formation among Knowledge Forum Teams Object: Constructivist Process in- situ epistemology Subject A[S.
Darwin notwithstanding, the clash between science and religion has revealed the need for an evolution in the prevailing approach to epistemology or, in other words, the nature of knowledge.
Those who question the existence of African philosophy argue that philosophy is rooted in epistemology and metaphysics.
In her insistence that political philosophy must be based on a proper epistemology, she rejected the libertarian movement, which embraced a wide variety of reasons for advocating free markets and free minds, as among her enemies.
Given its realist epistemology and systematic analysis of human behavior, various authors in this issue would consider modern psychology a gift to the church and to society.
The common framework that led to general agreement in matters of ethics and epistemology has long since disappeared.
To this end, I note first the shift to a postfoundationalist epistemology and its implications for theology.
Pink Flamingos is most noted for its outrageousness, nudity, rough language, and chicken mutilation as well as the "Bal'mer" coterie's pursuit of frivolity, scatology, sensationology, and skewed epistemology, not to mention the famous last scene wherein Divine eats dog shit for real.