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the philosophical theory of knowledge

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dissertation focuses primarily on Abhinavagupta's WV commentary on the first adhilcara (of four) of the IPK and IPV, the Jiianadhikara, where in the course of developing his idealistic non-dualism Utpaladeva counters a number of objections as he imagines they would come, primarily, from the Buddhist Epistemologists.
Concerned epistemologists wonder when it is rational to accept a claim given the evidence for it.
And on the other hand, epistemologists concerned with the claims to knowledge of particular branches of science have not easily fitted these local modes of justification into broad patterns with universal applicability.
Neither epistemologists nor psychologists have developed an ordered and comprehensive body of knowledge about intellectual differentiation and the integration of knowledge within a complex social organization.
Of course, epistemologists disagree about what exactly we should do in the face of peer disagreement.
The concluding chapter on Shakespeare's relationship with the French epistemologists is particularly interesting.
Academic epistemologists have made discoveries laypeople could not make; yet, for some reason philosophers do not tend to think of the field as one that could give helpful advice to ordinary folk.
Such an interpretation of Dharmakirti's enterprise would certainly fit with Dunne's characterization of the project common to Indian epistemologists (p.
Many (post)modern epistemologists do not find that science should aim at objectivity.
How much better it would be if, instead of casting around for an epistemology that represents "the feminist point of view" we tried, as feminists, finally to get beyond the stereotypes and, as epistemologists, to develop a true account of knowledge, evidence, warrant, inquiry, etc.
Although some contemporary epistemologists accept a modest emphasis upon foundations, much of conservative theology and contemporary psychology readily adopted foundationalism for their projects of providing sure knowledge.
95--Many epistemologists spend the bulk of their time thinking about propositional knowledge, or knowing-that: that the cat is on the mat, that Richmond is in Virginia, that 7 + 5 = 12.
Best of all he sheds more than a little light on Wittgenstein's attempt to sort out the rights and wrongs of Moore's argument and demonstrates that epistemologists would do well to pore over Wittgenstein's writings on knowledge.
Written by 14 international metaphysicians, epistemologists, philosophers of language and philosophers of mathematics, the papers offer a comparison of insights from current Western thought and recent analytical Indian philosophy.
Overall, Achieving Knowledge is a very competent addition to the literature, clearly meriting the attention of the growing number of epistemologists concerned with questions of value, virtue and justification.