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a specialist in epistemology

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The social epistemologist is an ideal epistemic planner because he designs or manages a scheme for dividing up cognitive labor.
The last seven essays in this book show us, then, a Hume who is not primarily an epistemologist, logician, or sceptic but a constructive reforming thinker whose use of polite essays, dialogues, and narrative history was calculated to reach and affect a new audience.
Out of habit or experience, I generally operate as an informal epistemologist.
explains that Plantinga, more an epistemologist than an apologist, has preferred negative apologetics (arguments against those who challenge belief) to positive apologetics (arguments aimed at persuading others to believe).
Yet more than useless, the concept is toxic: To consider someone a precursor, noted the brilliant epistemologist and historian of science Alexandre Koyre, "is the best way to preclude the possibility of understanding his [or her] work.
The proper method is inductive; the epistemologist ought to assemble beliefs he considers properly basic and proceed to frame a principle of rationality on the basis of this set of beliefs (pg.
Revisionist approaches to Kuhn redirect criticism from Kuhn to Kuhn as Wittgensteinian in the case of Read and Sharrock, or Kuhn as an evolutionary epistemologist in the case of the essay by Thomas Nickles with the title "Some Puzzles about Kuhn's Exemplars".
His project as the most rigorous philosophical nominalism since that of Thomas Hobbes, his work as the "irrealist" epistemologist of Ways of Worldmaking left me impressed but not transformed, except perhaps in ways that are too subtle to measure.
of Puerto Rico) responds to the recent flow of work that pins Frege as a epistemologist in the Kantian tradition or a philosopher of mathematics by taking a balanced approach to the various and often opposing schools of thought and assessing Frege in terms of his whole philosophy rather than specific issues.
In posing this philosophical problem, Shiff, an epistemologist of art history, was a true disciple of Nietzsche.
Richard Bernstein makes the point clearly when he approvingly summarizes Richard Rorty's position that "it is an illusion to think that there is a permanent set of ahistorical standards of rationality which the |philosopher' or epistemologist can discover and which will unambiguously tell us who is rational and who is not.
However, this view has recently been challenged by prominent epistemologist Linda Zagzebski.
I think it a stretch to construe Jesus as a metaphysician (74-9) or an epistemologist (149-168).
Guided by the wellknown virtue epistemologist, Jason Baehr, IVA has developed a core educational philosophy rooted in the intellectual virtue.
In an analogous way, quantum physics has established that any observation on the scale of sub-atomic constituents causes modifications to the latter, so that today there is a certain consensus that Kant, in spite of himself, is the epistemologist of quantum physics.