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Challenging the basic epistemological premises is a salient theme in many of the ensuing chapters.
Lessing explicates Postfeminist studies to investigate its convergence with various and foundational theories including Postmodernism, and Post-structuralism to dismantle the universal epistemological binaries like self/other, free/bound, dominating/dominated and hence, problematise the issues of gender and identity.
How the students' relativist views were associated with their epistemological beliefs and Internet self-efficacy.
To further complicate matters, concerns have been raised about epistemological research that relies largely on interviews or surveys (Hofer, 2002; Hofer & Sinatra, 2010; Schraw & Sinatra, 2004); direct reflection may not yield an accurate representation of what teachers think about what they do.
He rightly uses Milbank's Theology and Social Theory to show that sociological treatments of theology lack indubitable epistemological foundations.
The findings from this study may contribute to understanding epistemological beliefs as well as learner perception of self-directedness.
Most of this work has emphasized the merits and pitfalls of different intellectual traditions, be it rational-empirical modes of knowing or constructivist approaches, with particular attention given to the epistemological consequences of cultural hegemony, imperialism, and colonialism.
Through an archival investigation of the "textual genesis" of Nietzsche's essay, Jensen argues that this epistemological constructivism was carried over in a scattered fashion from the failed essay "On Truth and Lies" that Nietzsche was writing at the same time and in the same notebook as his essay on history.
The six papers in this thematic section examine diverse fields, topics, and methodological and epistemological issues and challenges.
His topics are radical skepticism and closure, radical skepticism and under-determination, Wittgenstein on the structure of rational evaluation, hinge commitments, epistemological disjunctivism and the factivity of reasons, epistemological disjunctivism and closure-based radical skepticism, and farewell to epistemic angst.
25(SUNA)- Minister of Council of Ministers and Representative of President of the Republic , Ahmed Saad Omer received recommendations of the First International Conference of the Epistemological Enlightenment Issues, which took place in Khartoxum during the current February 20-25 with participation of scholars and intellectuals from Arab and African countries.
Thus the intention of the author is to highlight the cognitive and epistemological issues that affect the learning of these pupils and impairs their identity construction.
A relevant theoretical lens not frequently considered in addressing this issue is that of adult epistemological development.
My central claim is that each of us has sufficient epistemological reasons to be democrats, even when our moral reasons for democracy run out.