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of or relating to epistemology

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132) A person is epistemically guided by a legal rule "when the person learns of his legal obligations from the rule provided by those in authority and conforms to the rule.
For them to decide competently, they must be epistemically justified in thinking that whatever they want to impose on the governed is what they should impose.
These features are generic because they tend to indicate epistemically important distinctions across varied epistemic contexts.
3) Realism is epistemically the view that there is at least a partial access from language to reality.
There is on her view a metaphysically distinct self, who has an epistemically distinct understanding of what is good for that self, and that is brought to any particular relationship.
What the reader does not build epistemically, she does not imagine ontologically, with the result that inference procedures construct the more complete character imagined to exist in the reference world.
5) Equity was not a fixed or static system, at least epistemically.
On this relational interpretation of visible figure, and once an ambiguity over the use of the term "object" is resolved, Reid's account of vision is both epistemically and perceptually direct, as well as consistent with his account of the other senses and doctrine of signs.
In sympathy with this argument, Lemos argues that it is logically possible that skepticism is true but not epistemically possible, given what we know.
It has been argued that Probabilism follows, given the assumption that an epistemically rational agent ought to try to have credences that represent the world as accurately as possible.
Yet an extremely large finite proof, Weir argues, does no more for us epistemically than an infinitary proof: the powers of both to convince rely in significant ways on idealization.
This paper argues that moral realism can accommodate faultless moral disagreement, provided that the phenomenon is understood epistemically, and it gives a brief defense of the relevant moral epistemology.
Notoriously, this model allows the epistemically vacuous description 'the event that caused the crash caused the crash' to be classified as an explanation.
By contrast, a racially segregated society produces individuals who are unfamiliar with the problems and experiences of other groups and are therefore epistemically disabled in their ability to make decisions that benefit society as a whole rather than their own narrower interests.
On the dominant view, if it is vague whether Harry is bald, then nothing settles whether Harry is bald--it is unsettled, not merely epistemically, but metaphysically, whether Harry is bald.