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of or relating to epistemology

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By "a bad idea," Gillies and von Fintel seem to mean that not only would it be epistemically irresponsible for the Boss to draw conclusions on the basis of one or more falsehoods, it would also be completely a matter of luck that he arrived at the right conclusion by doing so.
Consequently, theories of global justice remain limited and epistemically unjust if they exclude, invisibilize, and victimize poor people in their theorizing by relying exclusively on abstract "big" data generated in the centers of knowledge production in the Global North.
On the other hand, his criticism of the shipowner for 'stifling his doubts' indicates that an epistemically rational agent must not disregard evidence in her possession when assessing reasons for action.
Among specific topics are examining non-conceptualist arguments against conceptualism, relationism as anti-representationalism, why McDowell's revised conceptualism does not avoid Travis' anti-representionalist criticism, relational conceptualism as a theory of epistemically significant perception, possible objections to relational conceptualism, and broadening the scope of relational conceptualism.
1) If p is epistemically preferable to q, then we know that p.
59) Philosophers have used these concepts to illustrate aspects of justification and knowledge--the more insensitive or unsafe a true judgment, the less likely it constitutes knowledge or is epistemically justified.
to the truth--as a way of epistemically explaining the legal suspicion
It is worth noting an important strategic point here: My case does not require that most of those who agree with me are epistemically superior to most of those who disagree with me.
Would not God's desire to save typically favor God's offering at least some accessible and epistemically reassuring forms of revelation, especially to those who need it most?
He said the earlier findings would suggest children are "rational agents with a preference for accepting information from benevolent and epistemically superior informants".
In this monomyth, "heroes are idealized as individualistic, misogynistic, autonomous, staunchly independent, morally pure, and epistemically unambiguous.
Suffice it to say once and for all that you--and so many others like you--are not epistemically qualified to assess and categorize in any way my person, my work, nor any of my highly dignified and most devoted colleagues (as profoundly silent and understanding as they are), nor our scientific-philosophical group as a whole, both positively and negatively, whether in whole or in part.
Perhaps in all nearby possible worlds, as opposed to my epistemically available worlds, the same unpleasant intention would be formed, contradicting the modal definition of luck.
An epistemic peer is someone who is alike epistemically in every way given the particular belief in matters of intelligence, honesty, thoroughness, exposure to question/ research/ data, etc.
Who gave us the power to choose the indexical world from among all the other epistemically indistinguishable worlds?