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the body of ideas that determine the knowledge that is intellectually certain at any particular time

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As a result, the essays here favor some spaces not normally addressed by criticism, thereby illustrating that the economic episteme in question does not only pervade and thrive in dominant, global places.
14) I should like to discuss how aspects of representation and power are addressed in this painting in ways closely connected with their treatment in Las Meninas, in order to inquire whether Foucault might not have fruitfully employed this painting, either alone or in conjunction with Las Meninas, in his elucidation of the representation of the classical episteme.
She supports his argument that individuals manifest a psycho-social gestalt corresponding to the characteristic episteme of their time.
According to Foucault, an episteme is "the total set of relations that unite, at a given period, the discursive practices that give rise to epistemological figures, sciences, and possibly formalized systems"; it functions as a cultural code or pattern for the organization of knowledge (Archaeology 191).
Each selection serves as an exceptional register of the "post-totalitarian episteme," which, in Spires's view, was recorded initially in Tiempo de silencio.
One thing that generally works about the novel is its consistency of language in contouring psychology and episteme.
Aristotle, of course, trapped as he is in the ontotheological tradition, mistakenly speaks of episteme, knowledge which deals with the eternal and the necessary (6.
In fact, this slighting of the Apologia is, it seems to me, the central weakness of Jost's study, so polemical is the nature of this work, so personal it is, and so pivotal it is to Newman's epistemological shift and new episteme.
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Thus Aristotelian phronesis, like his and Plato's techne and episteme, is a matter of grasping explanatory accounts: in this case, accounts that identify the right action and say why it is right.
The politics of crafting this space is not merely diegetic (in the sense that it allows for the development of a plot that critiques neoliberalism), but also political in its own sense, as it spatially captures the tensions created by the neoliberal episteme.
Both the episteme and the practical domains of finance and security become fused in novel ways through the securitization of terrorist finance, she says.
This is the work of phronesis, not episteme, because akrasia is not ignorance of the good but of what is good for oneself.
This path centrally involves outlining the interface, in the modern episteme, between language and Literature, the double withdrawal of the gods/God, the double division between reason and madness, and the "mad poet/philosopher/genius" within it.
The view from the sides of Lee's paintings simulates the visualization of the cross section of a painting, alluding to the accumulated layers of painting's episteme.