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DNA that is not incorporated into the genome but is replicated together with the genome (especially in bacterial cells)

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Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from CD34+ Cells across Blood Drawn from Multiple Donors with Non-Integrating Episomal Vectors.
However, PyVs have alternate mechanisms of replication incompetence, and late gene suppression might occur in episomal virus.
Similarly, vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis transferred episomal DNA to previously vancomycin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus, (11) revealing that antibiotic resistance can cross both bacterial species and genus barriers.
Various recombinant parasites carrying a reporter gene either as an episomal copy or after its integration in a defined locus, generally the rDNA locus against leishmaniasis are currently available (Table I).
2) Low-risk episomal HPVs (HPV 6/11) induce proliferation of the epithelium.
While in latency, HHV8 exists as circular episomal DNA and expresses limited gene products, including LANA-1 (or LNA-1).
Other topics discussed include gene silencing by double-stranded RNA in Apis mellifera, induction of RNAi by episomal transcriptionally silent homologous DNA, and polymers for siRNA delivery in vivo.
In DNA vaccination, the injected plasmid DNA molecules believed to enter nucleus actively and remain in side the nucleus as episomal DNA lifelong, thus generating the protective antigens continuously as long as the cell lives (7).
The episomal eukaryotic expression vector pCEP-Pu/ BM405P, produced from pCEP4 (Invitrogen) (20), was modified to introduce a sequence encoding the Strep II tag (Institut fur Bioanalytik) and a stop codon into the multiple cloning site.
ACCURUN 381 HPV Type 16 and 18 mRNA Positive Controls The new HPV type 16 and 18 mRNA positive control includes the full length episomal genome and targets RNA-based assays.
SMGT has also been used with a nonviral episomal vector (Manzini et al.
HPV-31, -33, -58, -59, -62, and -72) were less common, and HPV was demonstrated to be episomal or integrated into the cellular genome (14,28).
Genetic analysis of high-risk e6 in episomal maintenance of human papillomavirus genomes in primary human keratinocytes.
The ISH signal patterns of HPV DNA have been associated with the physical status of HPV in infected cells, that is, episomal or integrated forms.
Persistence of episomal HIV 1 infection intermediates in patients on highly active anti-retroviral therapy.