episodic memory

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memory for episodes in your own life

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Based on the findings from phase 2a, the company has initiated a 6-month phase 2b clinical study (REVERSE-SD) designed to evaluate neflamapimod's activity in reversing synaptic dysfunction, as assessed by tests of episodic memory in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease.
As a result of using those two measurements, the researchers observed brain activity and any changes in three areas: the DLPFC that controls planning, decision-making, and inhibition; the cerebellum that plays a major role in motor control and balance; and the hippocampus, the centre of spatial and episodic memory.
Aging principally affects episodic memory, namely memory for specific events or experiences that occurred in the past.
Key words: primary insomnia, cognitive function, episodic memory, influencing factors
Declarative memory was further distinguished into two forms of memory: semantic memory and episodic memory (Tulving, 1993).
The main ELITE study tested the effect of the timing of estradiol, compared with placebo, on the progression of subclinical atherosclerosis, whereas ELITE-Cog assessed the effects of the timing of estradiol on a composite test of verbal episodic memory.
Those participants who took regular moderate to high-intensity exercise (for example, jogging and/or aerobics) showed less decline in their processing speed and episodic memory over follow-up than participants who took only light exercise (for example, walking).
The 2 categories of declarative memory include episodic memory and semantic memory.
This set of 29 review articles focuses on various topics in psychology, such as drug addiction, hippocampal amnesia, human communication through sound, episodic memory, counterfactual thought, psychological reasoning in infancy, developmental psychopathology and child maltreatment, the affective neuroscience of aging, gene and environment determinants of stress and anxiety-related disorders, automaticity, the psychology of habit, media effects, behavior change, past moral behavior, justice and negotiation, and the social psychology of race and race relations.
The decline was most evident with regard to episodic memory (the memory of a specific event) and executive function (higher-level cognitive skills such as planning, focusing attention, using working memory, and switching tasks).
The research is the result of a partnership between the Peak brain training app and the university's department of Psychiatry - the first collaboration of its kind - and focused on schizophrenia because the disease has a negative effect on episodic memory.
Episodic memory stores personally experienced events.
SuperAgers" is a term applied to men and women who retain good episodic memory function well into their advanced years.
Episodic memory impairment is an indication of Alzheimer's disease.
It's the emotional intrusiveness of drug and fear memoirs that can be diminished, rather than an individual's episodic memory that they did in the past take drugs or had a traumatic experience," he told The Independent.