episodic memory

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memory for episodes in your own life

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Later, I went into more detail about the brain-behavior analysis of the basic systems of episodic memory on which oral traditions draw (Rubin 2006)--but this still did not add anything that would tell me about stability and change in oral traditions.
It is unclear whether the hippocampus is required for the retrieval of episodic memory.
Episodic memory in humans is the first type of memory to degenerate in old age or in diseases like Alzheimer's disease.
The collaborative team of psychology and applied physiology faculty and students plans to expand the study in the future, now that the researchers know resistance exercise can enhance episodic memory in healthy young adults.
The subjective perception of memory impairment in older adults was associated with a subsequent significant decline in episodic memory - recollection of specific events in the past - but not with a decline in working memory or overall cognitive status.
This unique patented technology is based on episodic memory - the memory which stores personal experiences - and negates the need for the time-consuming process of semantic tagging we are used to applying to digital content.
Results: Subjects receiving active antioxidant supplementation had better episodic memory scores.
These measures were episodic memory, the Stroop Test, the Hayling Sentence Completion Test, the Color Trials Test 2, semantic speed, reaction time, and the Digit Symbol Substitution Test.
Autobiographical memory is defined as a type of episodic memory for both retrospective memories and prospective expectations, and Dutch psychologists Assink and Schroots study it from a lifespan perspective using the Life-line Interview Method that Schroots first developed during the 1980s.
The investigators are currently studying episodic memory and brain function in soldiers with and without PTSD and plan a larger study to evaluate how genetic differences may impact brain activity in the same groups, Dr.
Cardiff University and the University of Bristol are investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms which underlie episodic memory and recognition memory.
That knack may require that hummingbirds have parts of what's called episodic memory, says T.
These brain-based devices (BBDs) were shown to be capable of learning, operant conditioning, and episodic memory.
The things that you represent are not just static shots, but they are preceded by something and there's usually something that comes after them," creating episodic memory that links what happens when.
They measured their body mass index (BMI) before and after the diet, and tested their episodic memory by making them remember unknown pairs of faces and names, then recall which letter each person's name began with.