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surgical incision of the perineum to enlarge the vagina and so facilitate delivery during childbirth

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Mediolateral episiotomy, on the other hand, will not prevent tears, but it will not cause tearing, either.
Keywords: evidence-based medicine, caesarean section, episiotomy, medicalisation of childbirth, humanisation of childbirth, Brazil
Also I had to labor on my back because of the monitor and ended up with a big episiotomy and forceps delivery.
Minaglia, of the division of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, encouraged a further minimization of modifiable risk factors such as episiotomy and operative delivery to minimize long-term harm associated with sphincter laceration.
Tracking of episiotomy excluded cases of shoulder dystocia, but not episiotomy for fetal distress.
There was no difference between trainers and non-trainers in terms of episiotomy rates, tears, instrumental deliveries and caesarean section rates.
Practices such as routine episiotomy are still normal in parts of the country and caesarean rates are high.
Afterwards you may need stitches if you had an episiotomy but other than that it is finally time to enjoy your baby.
He also discusses normal labor and delivery (including pain management) and such complications as prolonged labor, shoulder dystocia, malpresentation, maternal fever, postpartum hemorrhage, and perineal laceration and episiotomy.
Washington, DC -- The use of episiotomy during labor should be restricted, with physicians encouraged to use clinical judgment to decide when the procedure is necessary, according to a new Practice Bulletin published by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in the April issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
As many as 40 per cent of mothers in the region undergo a procedure called an episiotomy, which involves making a cut to ease labour.
Prior Information Notice: Supply of Episiotomy scissors.
Women who had an episiotomy or who required operative delivery were excluded.
You may need an episiotomy, which is a small cut to make the vaginal opening a little bigger.
3-37%, episiotomy from 9-80% and amniocentesis from 0-51%.