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Synonyms for Episcopal

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church

denoting or governed by or relating to a bishop or bishops


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6) The ARCUSA statement describes this reality, in contrast to the situation in the Catholic Church, which "has a supreme and authoritative teaching magisterium exercised jointly by the bishops united with the bishop of Rome or occasionally by the bishop of Rome acting as head of the episcopal college," in the following way: "The particular churches of the Anglican Communion, by contrast, are episcopally ordered and self-governing, with shared bodies or 'instruments' for consultation and the articulation of teaching across the Communion" (EMD, no.
19) Moreover, whatever Zinzendorf's earlier ambivalence about bishops, Moravians remained clear on both the importance of the example of an episcopally ordered ancient church as the source of teaching, and their own worship practices that included foot washing, love feasts, and the celebration of the Lord's Supper.
The first treats the development of canonization (which was in the early Middle Ages usually a matter of popular cult followed by episcopally authorized re-burial of the saint's body) into an institution controlled by the papacy.
This disfigured its real nature as the centre of an episcopally ordered holy town that became a powerful force in the development of the medieval city.
239, he notes George Lindbeck's comment that "It is to [the] episcopally united church .
19) The SIS recognized all ministers of the uniting churches, whether or not they had been episcopally ordained.
The aim for those who seek to enter into full communion with the Catholic church," said the episcopally agreed unanimous statement, "must be their eventual total integration into the life of the Catholic community.
Thirdly, the only "ecumenically viable way out of this morass" lies in "realigning and reconciling Lutheran ordained ministry with the episcopally ordained ministries in apostolic succession in the Eastern and Western branches of the one holy catholic church.
Root noted that he has learned from Anglicans the expression "the church episcopally led and synodically governed," which he believes is applicable "to both Lutheran and Anglican churches, even if embodied in a variety of forms.
Teresa Pierlot of Prince Edward Island wrote a 116-page review of an episcopally approved textbook series, Born of the Spirit (1987-88), in which she concluded that "the majority of the truths of our faith .
The classic High Church Anglicanism represented by SPG's founders and early leaders gave the society its own distinctive understanding of its missionary vocation, entailing an episcopally governed church working in close collaboration with, and supported by, the colonial power, and a parochial system with an ordered liturgical and sacramental life and systematic education and catechesis.
In a more detailed way, the argument for the South India approach to the reconcilation of ministries is still important for currently continuing negotiations by and with episcopally ordered churches.
His canon, like that of Didymus and other "academic" Christians in Alexandria, was determined not so much by any episcopally defined list as by the ascetic's quest for spiritual guidance in his effort to contemplate God.
Volf begins by making the case for an ecclesiality of the church based on the assembly and the confession of the apostolic faith, in contrast with an episcopally or papally ordered understanding of communion.
The conversations were helped by the fact that the Methodist conference has stated on a number of occasions over the years that it is willing to become an episcopally ordered church.