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(of plants) epidemic among plants of a single kind especially over a wide area

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This seed was tested in artificially created epiphytotics of rhizoctonia root rot and cercospora leaf spot (Panella, 1998), bulk increased in a field isolation plot in 1997 (180 plants) and again in 2000 (182 plants).
Progression of Alternaria blight on cluster bean in relation to weather parameters in different dates of sowing under epiphytotic conditions during Kharif 2014 S.
Heavy rains during July and August of 1990 flooded low areas of this turf trial and were followed by a severe epiphytotic of Pythium blight [caused by Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson) Fitzp.
Resistance breeding relied on the use of screening technique in nurseries, where disease epidemics created by epiphytotic creation.
FC712 (4X) also exhibited good resistance to cercospora leaf spot when tested in an artificial epiphytotic (Ruppel and Gaskill, 1971).
hirsutum were sown during kharif 2014 under unprotected natural epiphytotic field conditions at two locations i.
epiphytotic at Salinas, R726 was moderately resistant, but in subsequent tests in CO and MN, it was moderately susceptible.
The epiphytotic of Bipolaris maydis (Nisikado & Miyake) Shoemaker (= Helminthosporium maydis Nisikado & Miyake) in 1970 heightened awareness of genetic vulnerability of crop cultivars in the USA (NAS, 1972).