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Most reported nests of Chamaepetes have been built on and with epiphytic plants (Hilty and Brown 1986, Stiles and Skutch 1989, Greeney 2005, this study) in contrast with lowland cracids that use small branches and vines as nesting material (Gonzalez-Garcia 1997, Santamaria and Franco 2000, Delacour and Amadon 2004).
Plants of this genus grow on the ground and have a simple structure and are annuals, differing from bromeliads, which comprise mainly perennial epiphytic plants with a complex structure.
Unraveling the phylogeny of polygrammoid ferns (Polypodiaceae and Grammitidaceae): Exploring aspects of diversification of epiphytic plants.
In the nest of the Hooded Berryeater, this attribute results from the addition of long and tangled rhizomes of a liana-like fern which produces the impression of an irregular mass of dark epiphytic plants that in no way resemble the typical shape of a nest (Figs.
A still more enigmatic old-growth forest habitat -- reiterative branches with epiphytic plants -- is also absent in the grove.
Now the high range with clouded tops had become a series of low hills, and the vegetation had changed completely, since the area was dry; the tall luxuriant trees covered with bromeliads and other epiphytic plants had vanished, and were substituted by an uniform bushy and spiny vegetation about 3-4 m high, spattered by frequent cacti, and where a different kind of bromeliads existed.
They are epiphytic plants, which means that their leaves take in the water and nutrients they need to live.
The trail offers canoeists an opportunity to explore a hidden mangrove tunnel and its intriguing epiphytic plants, those that live on top of other plants.