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Epiphytic Ericaceae are not found on young trees or young branches of older trees because no substrate has formed there.
It was reported that epiphytic lactobacilli must reach a level of at least [10.
Ecology: Epiphytic (often on tree ferns); in central Veracruz in humid montane forests between 1660-2000 m.
boisduvalii infestations at four sites within the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in 2013, and we document the prevalence of P microcirculus on native Florida epiphytic orchids.
increase as carbon resources increase and epiphytic bacteria rapidly
Our findings were also compared with those of lichenologists who studied the epiphytic lichens of Quercus suber in Kroumirie, Tunisia, which borders our study region.
The effect of epiphytic algae on the growth and production of Potamogeton perfoliatus L.
Few have investigated primary production at the community level, like multiple individuals or epiphytic communities, in the laboratory (e.
Therefore, in the month of May (end of dry season) occurs the most adverse climate conditions for mosquitoes breeding in artificial or in temporary natural vessel sites such as epiphytic bromeliad axils, hence, the competence and survivorship of the mosquitoes is stronger.
In the nest of the Hooded Berryeater, this attribute results from the addition of long and tangled rhizomes of a liana-like fern which produces the impression of an irregular mass of dark epiphytic plants that in no way resemble the typical shape of a nest (Figs.
In the dark, epiphytic gardens outside of Eden cave salamanders take
A still more enigmatic old-growth forest habitat -- reiterative branches with epiphytic plants -- is also absent in the grove.
One million seeds of the epiphytic lily weigh less than 0.