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The epiphyte communities of a montane rain forest in the Andes ofVenezuela: patterns in the distribution of the flora.
Nitrogen-15 natural abundance in a montane cloud forest canopy as an indicator of nitrogen cycling and epiphyte nutrition.
The climatic seasonality observed in the region can be identified as an important factor for epiphyte richness, since it depends on atmospheric moisture for water and nutrients uptake (Benzing, 1990).
Non-vascular epiphyte diversity patterns in the canopy of an upper montane rain forest (2550-3670 m), central cordillera, Colombia.
Considering that the amphipods studied are herbivorous, it would be expected that the density related to epiphytes could be due to the greater feeding value of fronds with higher epiphyte load.
Christie H, Fredriksen S and E Rinde Regrowth of kelp and colonization of epiphyte and fauna community after kelp trawling at the coast of Norway.
Today Robert is a research affiliate there, studying epiphyte structure in old-growth canopy.
Pale green Spanish moss hangs from the ceiling; this epiphyte lives on air and its host plant alone and can be used as packing material.
epiphyte prevalence) and by natural forest cover at the landscape level (e.
We tested for changes in shell growth, somatic growth, and mortality between caged and non-caged treatments and we estimated the strength of linear relationships between all three measures of growth and mortality with patch area, perimeter, perimeter: area ratio, seagrass aboveground biomass, and epiphyte biomass.