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the end of a long bone

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a small endocrine gland in the brain

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In cases involving unusual loci, such as the epiphysis, efforts should be made to identify an underlying giant cell tumor or chondroblastoma.
Epiphysis cartilage weight and sulfate incorporation are also present in this table.
Three-dimensional images of femur epiphysis and tibia proximal metaphysis showed differences in trabecular microarchitecture among the various groups as represented in Fig.
5k); 74655, distal epiphysis of a metapodial (subadult); 74656, 74657, two first phalanges (Fig.
4 Initially, a small sclerotic epiphysis with radiographic medial joint widening is present, and disease may remain clinically occult at this stage.
The pelvis with parts of the sacrum, the proximal epiphysis of the right femur, the complete left femur with the epiphyses, the distal epiphysis of the right tibia, and the whole right foot were resting in the correct anatomical position (Figure 4a & b).
Ankle valgus is due to shortening of the fibula, with secondary lateral wedging of the distal tibial epiphysis and lateral tilt of the talus.
Specifically discussed are developmental hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perth syndrome, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, limb-length discrepancies and limb deficiency, limb and spinal fractures, and sports medicine.
Brenkel IJ, Dias JJ, Davies TG, Iqbal SJ, Gregg PJ: Hormone status in patients with slipped capital femoral epiphysis.
Of the 20 hips with secondary osteoarthritis, the etiology was trauma in 12, dysplasia of the hip in five, slipped capital femoral epiphysis in two, and coxa valga in one.
Eight of these were performed for "malum coxae senilis," two for old slipped capital femoral epiphysis, and the original procedure was performed for one patient with primary protrusio acetabuli.
The ability to visualize hardware and bones in real-time without extensive surgical exposures has allowed the development of many percutaneous techniques such as slipped capital femoral epiphysis fixation, hip fracture care, external fixators, intra-medullary nails, safer pedicle screw placement, sacroiliac percutaneous stabilization, complex osteotomies and many others.
Kim HW, Morcuende JA, Dolan LA, et al: Acetabular development in developmental dysplasia of the hip complicated by lateral growth disturbance of the capital femoral epiphysis.
13) Armengol and coworkers (18) reported 14 shoulders with an unfused acromial epiphysis and associated rotator cuff tear that underwent ORIF.
Blount's disease, or tibia vara, is a growth disorder of the medial aspect of the proximal tibial physis with abrupt medial angulation of the proximal tibia distal to the epiphysis, which leads to varus angulation of the proximal tibia.