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relating to the epiphysis of a bone


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In this condition, the cartilage model at the epiphysial plate fails to ossify, resulting in plugs of cartilage in place of true bone.
She had had a bit of epiphysitis [an inflammation of the epiphysial cartilage plate of the long bones that occurs mostly on the front legs and is associated with growth in young horses] in her knee which wasn't a huge problem but I'd say that was the reason they didn't want her.
The kill-off pattern of sheep/goat was evaluated on the basis of dental eruption and wear as well as on epiphysial fusion (according to Habermehl 1975: 114-23).
A bone scintigraph demonstrated a slight asymmetric increased signal in the epiphysial disc of the femur at the fight knee.
3,7) Anabolic effects range from increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, accelerated growth of bone before epiphysial closure, increased bone density, stimulation of erythropoiesis, and increase in heart, liver, and kidney size.