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relating to the epiphysis of a bone


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Although multiple epiphyseal dysplasia was initially considered in the differential diagnosis, it was quickly ruled out because the involvement of the vertebral column was much more consistent with SED.
In the past, clinicians would consider resistance training contraindicated in children due to the risk of epiphyseal plate injury and because it was believed that children were incapable of increasing their strength or muscle mass through such exercise (Myer and Wall, 2006).
Chondroblastoma tends to occur in the epiphyses of long bones in the second decade of life, frequently prior to closure of the epiphyseal plate.
GH also stimulates proliferation of cartilage in the growing epiphyseal plate, stimulates linear growth, and increases bone mass, mineral content, and the number of bone-modeling units (10).
The essential roles of estrogens in pubertal growth, epiphyseal fusion and bone turnover: lessons from mutations in the genes for aromatase and the estrogen receptor.
Lorenz developed a huge reputation for his manipulative treatment of club feet, which he accomplished by essentially stretching or breaking the tendons, ligaments, and epiphyseal plates until the foot was appropriately aligned.
545 mA : Reproduction of vinyl wood flooring 1,100 sqm : Sports flooring linoleum 650 mA : Grouting linoleum with fuse wire 325 mA : Deputy skirting rubber covering 9,770 m : Deputy skirting of wood reproduction surface 985 m : Inlaid wood core socket with linoleum is 450 m : Joint compound with 1-component polyurethane grout 10,125 m : Epiphyseal closure with colored silicone 1.
In this study the existence of epiphyseal plate at the proximal extremity of tibia was doubtful that maybe causes the increase in the size of the diaphysis in all specimens or it was the secondary center of ossification that cause the traction epiphysis.
Epiphyseal equivalents include apophysis, patella, small bones of the wrist, and hindfoot and midfoot.
In short, under isoflurane anesthesia the scanner was positioned at the level of the epiphyseal growth plate and this was the reference line.
Age-at-death estimation followed standard osteological procedures based on the epiphyseal union method (Brothwell 1981), diaphyseal length measurement (Maresh 1955, 1970; Scheuer & Black 2000) and dental age estimation (Ubdaker 1978).
Intraosseous ganglion is a rare, but benign, tumor of bone that is considered in the differential diagnosis of epiphyseal lesions.
Lipid composition of isolated epiphyseal cartilage cells membranes and matrix vesicles.
Less frequent, but potentially serious Adverse Events include psychiatric disorders: depression, psychosis and, rarely, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide; pseudotumor cerebri; pancreatitis; hyperlipidemia; hearing impairment; hepatotoxicity; inflammatory bowel disease; skeletal changes: hyperostosis, premature epiphyseal closure; vision impairment: corneal opacities, decreased night vision.
By means of histology and immunohistology, we investigated the morphopathogenesis of the skeletal abnormalities in a fetus with ACG-IB and demonstrated an abnormal organization of the epiphyseal cartilage due to the absence of an immunocytochemically recognizable interterritorial matrix.