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any cactus of the genus Epiphyllum having flattened jointed irregularly branching stems and showy tubular flowers

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There's no mystery why the epiphyllum blooms only at night, said Frank McDonough, the arboretum's botanical information consultant.
I have an Epiphyllum hybrid cactus with beautiful flowers and red fruit.
Night blooming Cereus" - The dinner-plate sized flower and the intense nighttime fragrance make this epiphyllum a rare find.
He subdivided his Cereoideae (= Cactoideae) into three tribes: Echinocacteae, containing columnar and globular genera, such as Cephalocereus, Cereus, Echinocactus, Echinocereus, Echinopsis, Epiphyllum, Leuchtenbergia, Melocactus, Phyllocactus, and Pilocereus; Mammillarieae, currently Cacteae, with the genera Mammillaria and Pelecyphora; and Rhipsalideae, which grouped Hariota, Pfeiffera, and Rhipsalis.
An epiphyllum (sometimes called orchid cactus) blooms in Lois Clark's backyard garden in Arleta.
The trellis was intended to protect the owners' collection of ferns, orchids, and hanging epiphyllums, but David Reed Landscape Architects of San Diego also saw it as a solution to the problem of where to place the solar collectors.
Through a shared interest in epiphyllums, hoyas and succulents we found a book store in California--Rainbow Gardens and Nursery started in 1972 by Chuck Everson and Gerry Williams in Vista.
Brune's garden features a large variety of ivy, Boston ferns, epiphyllums - also called orchid cactus - and dwarf geraniums.