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repetition of the ends of two or more successive sentences, verses, etc


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Typical clinical manifestations of PCG include photophobia, epiphora, blepharospasm, and a hazy enlarged cornea.
In some cases, symptoms such as epiphora and drainage of a mucoid discharge may necessitate surgical excision.
It is also surprising that epiphora was not seen in this bird.
In the present study, the main presenting feature is epiphora only (50%) followed by epiphora with other discharge (40%), which correlated well with earlier studies by Jouko Hartikainen (76%) (4) and P.
A four year old female Holstein Friesian crossbred cattle was presented with clinical signs of epiphora, conjunctivitis and corneal ulceration with purulent ocular discharge.
All the 80 patients had epiphora as the main complaint and of these, 68 patients had purulent nasal discharge along with epiphora.
The CET in this issue offers a practical approach to manage cases of epiphora for the relief of all concerned.
Patients' ages at the time of probing, the presence of watering complaints and epiphora, and fluorescein dye disappearance rest results after the procedure were recorded.
He denied associated pain, epiphora, epistaxis, rhinorrhea, and episodes of sinusitis.
The disease is characterized by sudden onset of ocular pain, swelling of the eyelids, a foreign body sensation or irritation, epiphora (excessive tearing), eye discharge, and photophobia.
Both dogs showed epiphora, severe blepharospasm and photophobia.
Schirmer's test alone does not seem to be a good test for diagnosis of dry eye disease because reflex epiphora might result in the misdiagnosis of dry-eye patients as being normal.
In addition, there are social embarrassments of epiphora with the annoyance of frequent wiping and misperceptions that 'people think I am crying'
Centurion syndrome is a rare medial canthal tendon insertion anomaly that causes epiphora in young adults.
Clinical symptoms such as epiphora, blepharospasms, ocular discharge, location of lesion, depth of lesion, growth, vascularization, pain, photophobia, blepharitis etc.