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a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon

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Practitioners should be advised to not use the WBC count as the only guide to determine that infection is present, because the WBC count is within the normal range in stroke/TIA with and without concomitant infection in this study and may signal a stable epiphenomenon.
Far from intelligence being an epiphenomenon of life, the material universe finds its fulfillment and completion in man.
Among the topics are sonority and sonority-based relationships within American English monosyllabic words, whether the sonority sequencing principle is an epiphenomenon, sonority variation in stochastic optimality theory and its implications for markedness hierarchies, sonority and the larynx, the sonority dispersion principle in the acquisition of Hebrew word final codas, and acceleration peaks and sonority in Finnish sign language syllables.
4- Is the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) an epiphenomenon of the Kurdish problem, or the reason for the phenomenon?
Hegemony is not, as the materialists would have it, simply an epiphenomenon of a lopsided distribution of power, but rather a social position given to a leader by its followers.
Moreover, whether the high level of circulating PTX 3 in hypertensive patients is an epiphenomenon of the inflammatory process or whether the protein has an active role in the pathogenesis of the disease is beyond the scope of the present study.
Yes, there appeared to be a passageway leading to something a bit brighter than the total darkness that I expected, but I experienced this for what it was: a well-known epiphenomenon of oxygen depletion in the dying retina.
Addressing a gathering of high-ranking government officials and top-tiered regional and international media experts, Badawi said that the proliferation of partisan Islam in the 20th century, an epiphenomenon of colonialism, has lowered the broader perspectives of Islam as a world civilisation.
Based on our data, we cannot determine whether SP-D was intrinsically involved in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular events or an epiphenomenon of lung inflammation," he said.
Consumption of flavonoid-rich foods and increased plasma antioxidant capacity in humans: cause, consequence, or epiphenomenon.
It is not definitively known yet whether this association is merely an epiphenomenon or represents treatable secondary injury.
It is merely an epiphenomenon of the faith that incorporates someone into the body of Christ.
All of these problems underscore the way in which Darfur is seen either as an epiphenomenon of the larger problem of Sudan and the South, or as a potential money/power making enterprise for corrupt individuals and governments.
Because of the lack of a statistical association between these antibodies and development of thrombotic events, the presence of these antibodies is thought to be an epiphenomenon and of no clinical relevance (3,4).
Many others have struggled with this observation, and in our opinion, have written off the movement too quickly as a mere epiphenomenon of a certain type of economics.