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a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon

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This chiasmic relation between material states and what are traditionally perceived to be epiphenomenal states also beguiles philosophers of language in the period who are working on the problem as if it were from the other side, from models of material language that may reflect on the mind.
A more compelling scenario, at least for those of us who suspect that the twinned forces of culture and creativity may play more than passive, epiphenomenal roles in the modeling of consciousness, might begin by wondering where we might look to find "Theory of Mind" outside of particular, lowercase, "theories of mind.
But it may be that we have only begun to see this peculiar, indeed "exceptional," practice of US neoimperialism now that we have finally acknowledged the reality and long historical scope of its imperialism in the aftermath of the First Gulf War (and not just 9/11, itself a terrible but nonetheless epiphenomenal consequence of the First Gulf War).
For example, the extreme "structural realist" belief that international law is epiphenomenal faces the problematic fact that states allocate substantial resources toward influencing its development.
The use of some stelae as vehicles for royal texts and images was thus epiphenomenal to their materiality as links between earth, man, and cosmos.
Otherwise, they are epiphenomenal and language-specific categories.
Gibbs considers that "cultural models are not epiphenomenal, but are presumed to do real work for individuals and collective communities in shaping what people believe, how they act, and how they speak about the world and their own experiences" (1999, p.
rules simply be epiphenomenal interpretations of what the brain has
Results of the study confirmed the authors' suspicions, suggesting that imagined experiences are not merely epiphenomenal - that is, our evaluations of mental imagery bear a direct relationship to our performance on perceptual and cognitive tasks in the real world.
Requirements for various types of analysis also appear to be epiphenomenal.
This is because the struggle for power in world legal order is always epiphenomenal.
EIEFD arguably challenges this logic and its resultant sportrelated policies and processes, particularly by viewing elite success as a consequence of, or even epiphenomenal to, universal access and participation.
The commonsense view that coercion works by putting pressure on an agent's will thus spotlights an epiphenomenal aspect of coercion, rather than its most important explanatory aspects.
2) Editors Leo Panitch and Colin Leys write in the preface of the Socialist Register: Fighting Identities 2003 (London, UK: Merlin Press, 2002) about how race and other identities are not epiphenomenal.
When Lenin and his cohorts exterminated "class enemies," they believed nothing was really lost, for the individual human entity is not what matters; the individual is merely epiphenomenal, a mere moment in the process of the attainment of human self-awareness, the overcoming of history, and the conscious determination of mankind's own future.