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a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon

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On the contrary, it is the autonomous human subject that is reduced to a mere epiphenomenal effect of an immutable nature's mechanical causality.
Conceptualism in Linguistics can be taken as the idea that objects have only a formal entity, being observable counterparts only epiphenomenal.
Crucial issues involving cultural struggles, the state, the need for much more nuanced understandings of class formation and mobilization, the very real complexity of the economy, the relative autonomy of gender and race, the structuring of commonsense, and the list goes on and on--all of these are treated as epiphenomenal or simply ignored.
She holds both that reality consists of what (neuro)science tells us is really "out there," for example, the brain and its neural circuitry, and that any layer of reality or causality beyond the brain and its electro-chemical workings are epiphenomenal, that is, illusory as cause.
Did evolution render solutions to the challenge of survival that includes epiphenomenal processes The Conscious Distributed Adaptive Control (CDAC) project aims at resolving this paradox by using a multi-disciplinary approach to show the functional role of consciousness in adaptive behaviour, to identify its underlying neuronal principles and to construct a neuromorphic robot based real-time conscious architecture.
Consciousness, according to neuroscientists, is epiphenomenal.
Unlike some Marxists, who viewed rhetorics and superstructures as epiphenomenal materials that only hid the base, material conditions of economic disparities and power of the elites and the bourgeois, he did not see the rationale behind separating rhetoric and Marxism.
Plenitude," Ward suggests, "should be seen as the quality that informs, envelops, and fulfils all the other literary, philosophical, and theological elements in the novel, not merely making of them a series of discrete banquets, pleasing to the intellect and the imagination in recognizable ways, but elevating them into a banquet of another order, a higher, epiphenomenal order, a whole new genus of literary pleasure" (13).
Epiphenomenal semantics; cognition, context and convention.
In the epiphenomenal position, the mind is understood in terms of brain activity.
Like Stein, Mendelsohn weaves imperial politics, religion and ethnicity, economics and technology into a narrative that, while focused on a previously unknown and seemingly epiphenomenal chapter in modern Jewish history, points us brilliantly to the possibilities of a new sort of economic history of the Jews.
The following chapter, 'Constraints on Syntactic Alternation: Lexical-Constructional Subsumption in the Lexical Constructional Model', is a contribution by Ruiz de Mendoza and Mairal Uson which discusses syntactic alternations as epiphenomenal to constrained lexical-constructional integration within the framework of the Lexico-Constructional Model (LCM).
ethnic, racial and class divisions that leave Farrington and Bloom on the far side of respectable manhood are not epiphenomenal or isolated incidents but the structural effects of colonialism and the double-bind of colonial manhood.
Easily dismissed as epiphenomenal, such stylistic changes are reminiscent of the early days of China's momentous transformation in the 1970s and 1980s.
Communication for him is never merely epiphenomenal, but a direct shaper of experience and world.