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a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon

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The contributors to Invisible Conversations, challenging an intellectual culture that tends to ignore religious influences in American letters, treat religion as a "substantial subject in its own right and not merely an epiphenomena of a primary economic, political, or material reality" (3).
The young Darwin had not yet learned to reduce every explanation to one of origins, nor to explain away beauty and fruitfulness as the epiphenomena of the struggle for existence.
It is hoped that this report will be one of many from around the world: first, to call attention to epiphenomena associated with filtration technology; second, to compare new and existing technologies with respect to such epiphenomena; and third, to forge new paradigms for quality assurance that are timely, cost-effective, and beneficial to better patient outcomes.
Images of a radiant future for humanity are only epiphenomena in Western culture.
However, in the following chapters, noneconomic issues are sometimes explored, as epiphenomena of economic integration.
Then we face the dilemma: are these events epiphenomena or are they overdetermined?
For those in the behavioral fold who retain antipathy toward "mentalism" and "black box empiricism," who so easily dismiss "mindfulness" or personality epiphenomena as unworthy of the craft, an opportunity is knocking.
As a rule, they have either ignored major religious developments in Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim societies, or dismissed them as epiphenomena or atavisms that mask underlying anxieties.
Reducing fiction to allegory carries the risk of dismissing as unimportant epiphenomena the plot elements and character interactions for which the implied audience reads the story to begin with.
For noninvasive prenatal diagnosis, markers that directly reflect changes in chromosome dosage are preferred over indirect markers that are associated with epiphenomena (1, 2).
3) Many studies have been performed to elucidate the effects of IP, (12-16) but there is no certainty that any beneficial effects claimed represent causes, effects or epiphenomena.
But doing so demands looking beyond the films themselves, however skillfully crafted they may be, to their epiphenomena.
Despite the paramount importance of these electromagnetic systems in diagnosing illness, they are regarded by the medical community as epiphenomena that have no intrinsic function.
Guardino also delves below the notoriously chaotic and violence-wracked political life of the young republic to the sub-stratum of what he and others have called political culture: the new rules of the game of politics, in other words, rather than just the epiphenomena of public life.