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a secondary phenomenon that is a by-product of another phenomenon

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Sticking within the left-right analysis kept one safely tucked inside this little proto-Marxian circuit: insisting on the fundamental nature of the productive infrastructure invited cursory dismissal of culture and politics as superstructural epiphenomena, conveniently ignorable.
Playboy and other erotica were epiphenomena of a deep urge toward the satisfaction of desire that began late in the 19th century and merely accelerated, albeit dramatically, in the 1960s.
It is hoped that this report will be one of many from around the world: first, to call attention to epiphenomena associated with filtration technology; second, to compare new and existing technologies with respect to such epiphenomena; and third, to forge new paradigms for quality assurance that are timely, cost-effective, and beneficial to better patient outcomes.
Images of a radiant future for humanity are only epiphenomena in Western culture.
However, in the following chapters, noneconomic issues are sometimes explored, as epiphenomena of economic integration.
Then we face the dilemma: are these events epiphenomena or are they overdetermined?
For those in the behavioral fold who retain antipathy toward "mentalism" and "black box empiricism," who so easily dismiss "mindfulness" or personality epiphenomena as unworthy of the craft, an opportunity is knocking.
The orthodox Marxist view of base and superstructure saw all artistic expressions as mere epiphenomena of an economic base.
Obscured by debates over epiphenomena like exploding immigration and bankrupt pension funds is the brute fact that Europe is already suffering from a devastating, crippling shortage of people.
Methods of noninvasive prenatal screening for numeric chromosomal abnormalities that are based on indirect markers typically detect the associated epiphenomena and therefore lack diagnostic power (1, 2).
Despite the paramount importance of these electromagnetic systems in diagnosing illness, they are regarded by the medical community as epiphenomena that have no intrinsic function.
Spiritual concerns, from that view, are epiphenomena that will be alleviated by appropriate biomedical interventions.
Guardino also delves below the notoriously chaotic and violence-wracked political life of the young republic to the sub-stratum of what he and others have called political culture: the new rules of the game of politics, in other words, rather than just the epiphenomena of public life.
Those inroads were merely epiphenomena of a much larger and far more serious thirty-five-year-long mass migration caused by the advance of the Huns westward and southward, a gigantic demographic shift that drove other barbarians scurrying ahead into Roman territory--putting enormous pressures on tenuous Roman defenses along the Rhine and Danube.
The answer is yes if we construe values as a kind of epiphenomena.