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cavity forming the upper part of the pharynx

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Oshima T, Sakamoto M, Arita H: Hiccuplike response elicited by mechanical stimulation of the dorsal epipharynx in cats.
The epipharynx is lightly to moderately sclerotized adjacent to a more heavily sclerotized trapezoidal labrum.
2) transverse, 7 pairs of macrosetae present, sensilla of anteromedial sensory area distinct, shallow and narrowly emarginated, [alpha]-sensillum with short setose process, [beta] and [gamma] minute and conical, [epsilon] with short setose process, almost as long as [alpha], three lateral sensillae present on lateral margins of epipharynx, transverse row of sensory pores absent on basal region of epipharynx; right mandible (Fig.
Acoustic rhinometry: A new method to evaluate the geometry of the nasal cavity and the epipharynx.