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Therefore, I am relieved when Bidney turns his attention away from Wordsworth, towards writers whose epiphanies do not fit so nearly into one pattern.
When Bidney works with contrasting elements, he truly heightens our appreciation for epiphanies in a way that Bachelard would applaud.
In his chapter on Tolstoy, for example, Bidney builds a case for seeing a strong connection between the epiphanies of individual characters in his fiction and a larger vision of history.
Still, I found the chapters concerning epiphanies of historical process to be among the most potent in his book and most illustrative of one of the fifteen theses Bidney presents in the last chapter of his book: "In many cases a recurrent epiphanic pattern, as marked most clearly by its paradigmatic form, will be a superb unifier of a writer's work" (198).
We're not exactly 'quick fix' people," added Allen Voivod, also with Epiphanies, Inc.
Because of their similar approaches to business development, Acorn and Epiphanies chose to focus on tactics for improving those success factors in their report.
Salingeris a gifted maker of modern literary epiphanies that need to be investigated for the unique pattern they reveal.
Here, I will apply the method to the epiphanies of Salinger.
In Salinger, epiphanies usually involve a combination of two or more elements, but one of these sometimes will be suggested only vaguely by a color-link (as the mention of a gold medallion may suggest the fiery sun).
The geometric shape Salinger prefers in his characters' epiphanies is always something round: circle, sphere, or cylinder.