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The first is represented by Tomas Hagg who proposed a "secular-literary interpretation" of epiphany, privileging the literary and aesthetic qualities of the epiphanic metaphor over its power to describe a religious experience.
After three consecutive pages of description of the ritual, Hang has an epiphanic moment: "It was that evening that I felt for the first time the emptiness here, silence, and loneliness of the countryside.
But only a comprehensive look at Salinger's epiphanic pattern can offer what the reader of such a skillful post-Wordsworthian inward quester would like to have: the portrait of a distinctive epiphanic sensibility.
Even at this epiphanic moment the poet abstains lest he destroy the purity of this love.
In White's stories the epiphanic moment is used not only to examine possible revelations arising from the AIDS crisis but also because much of the time the protagonists have lived "for the moment" without much thought of the future.
This ending is characteristic of the indirect way in which Hughes, in the final version, manages to include a critical voice - despite Godmother's objections - by using heightened poetic, even epiphanic, language.
Similarly, and more generally, two different weights given to the feature "story" might characterize the two great sets into which the genre is often subdivided: anecdotal short stories a la Poe, epiphanic short stories a la Chekhov.
In thus transforming a literary, psychological sf novel into a metaphysical cinematic parable, Tarkovsky created the least science-fictional sf film ever, one some viewers find an unwatchable bore and many others (including me) consider an epiphanic masterpiece.
Arguing that religious experience may only be authenticated or repudiated by reference to religious experience itself, Steinbock suggests that personal testimony of the mystics themselves enable him to describe the mode and structure of epiphanic givenness and its kind of evidence' (116).
Walker explores the conversion narratives of four ethnic American authors--Malcolm X (and his amanuensis, Alex Haley), Oscar Zeta Acosta, Amiri Baraka, and Richard Rodriguez--in order to complicate the presumption that conversions are wholly benign, epiphanic experiences between converts and their God.
5) In Edward Hirsch's view, Wright "has an essentially religious sensibility," "a nonbeliever with a tremendous longing for belief," who refigures "a Christian terminology into a secular epiphanic aesthetic.
Occasionally the book suffers from sameness of language and scope, relying on old tricks (especially the epiphanic final sentence) rather than the innovation Ross demonstrated in Mr.
Their blow-by-blow account of German reorganization and experimentation across the interwar years in Managing Defense Transformation (Ashgate, 2007) contrasts sharply with Lieber's epiphanic debut for blitzkrieg in the May 1940 Battle of France.
Every so often, a text appears that is epiphanic in nature, giving an insight into a subject which is unique and deeply educational.
Ecoglobalist affect entails a widening of the customary aperture of vision as unsettling as it is epiphanic in a positive sense, and a perception of raised stakes as to the significance of whatever is transpiring locally in the here and now that tends to bring with it either a fatalistic sense of the inexorable or a daunting sense of responsibility as the price of prophetic vision" (232).