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Physicians determine the focus by visual inspection of the EEG (typically in 10 sec segments) seeking focal epilepsy characteristics such as interictal epileptiform discharges and seizure origination brain sites.
Elekroansefalografide epileptik ansefalopatiye isaret eden yogun epileptiform desarjlar saptandi.
However, tracheal intubation with sevoflurane alone requires a longer time for adequate jaw relaxation (1,2), and rapid sevoflurane induction with high inspiratory concentration produces epileptiform electroencephalographic activity in children (3).
10,11) Another theory relating to this phenomenon states that epileptiform discharges may mimic electroconvulsive therapy in a focal area and this seizure suppression may lead to psychopathology.
Arrangement is in sections pertaining to artifacts, normal EEG, epileptiform phenomena, nonepileptiform abnormalities, EEG in the intensive care unit, the role of the EEG in some pediatric neurological problems and in some adult neurological problems.
A] receptor-mediated synaptic transmission and induction of epileptiform activity, as we demonstrate in the amygdala, a seizure-prone structure of the limbic system (Aroniadou-Anderjaska et al.
The grinding din of the turbines (800m from our bedroom windows) and the epileptiform flicker of sunlight through their blades will be a continuing harassment to many.
While this fact would not be widely known for many years, the extreme consanguinity of the Swinburnes and the Gordons, along with Swinburne's "excess of electric vitality," that is, his tics and spasms, occasional epileptiform fits, and other physical and temperamental oddities may be have been, as Jean Overton Fuller has suggested, a deterrent to Mary and her family, making them wary of a match with Swinburne.
EEG might detect interictal epileptiform discharges or electrographic seizures before clinical seizures develop.
Eligible subjects are those patients with demonstrated epileptiform activity by electroencephalogram (EEG) in response to photic stimulation (also called a "photoparoxysmal response to light") and represent a small subset of all patients with epilepsy.
The solid lines show the probability of epileptiform EEG activity in patients with photosensitive epilepsy, indicating the likelihood of seizures.
The movements of the animal which begin after about 90 seconds are epileptiform in nature and are due to the bloodless state of the brain (cerebral ischaemia with complete anoxaemia).