epileptic seizure

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convulsions accompanied by impaired consciousness

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The classification of epileptic seizures and epilepsies is a subject of interest in various medical disciplines (such as neurology pediatric neurology molecular biology and genetics, neurosurgery, pharmacology radiology, histopathology), and each of them requires a different approach in their practice.
e unusual feature of this case is that the defendant was a long-standing suerer from epilepsy who has a history of being violent in the course of and immediately after epileptic seizures.
The deputy coroner said the "most likely" explanation was that Mr Hewitt had "some kind of epileptic seizure at the wheel".
Dr Squier told the jury that her opinion was that an epileptic seizure was "far more likely".
He said: "If there was an epileptic seizure, and I accept that there may well have been, my opinion is that it was caused by brain trauma, in other words traumatic brain injury.
New miniature devices designed to be implanted in the brain to predict and prevent epileptic seizures and a nanotech sensor for implantation in the eye to treat glaucoma have been developed by researchers at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
Is her breakdown the result of an epileptic seizure, a psychotic episode or the work of Satan?
WOULD you know what to do if somebody suffered an epileptic seizure in front of you?
The pilot had originally decided on the emergency landing due to the woman`s epileptic seizure, however just before arriving at Guayaquil flight attendants discovered a man`s body in a rear bathroom.
A post-mortem revealed that he died after choking during an epileptic seizure.
Because of the strobe effect, they must be separated from each other so a person does not see more than one at a time or be subject to more than 3 flashes per second and perhaps trigger an epileptic seizure.
A DAD may have drowned after falling into a canal after su[euro]ering an epileptic seizure, an inquest heard.
A 17-YEAR-old student was found dead at home in bed after an epileptic seizure but her family have questions about her treatment after a seizure six months earlier, a coroner heard yesterday.
A MAN died of brain injuries after falling in hospital during an epileptic seizure, an inquest heard.