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There is considerable difference in etiology and types of seizures and epilepsies in young and in elderly individuals.
Epilepsies of unknown localization remain unclear whether they arise from a portion of the brain or from circuits that are more widespread.
Commission on Classification and Terminology of the International League Against Epilepsy: Proposal for revised classification of epilepsies and epileptic syndromes.
Chapters discuss seizure classification, epilepsies with differing ages of onset, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, management, drug treatments, and special considerations for those with concomitant complications.
In addition, this method would enable the monitoring of epilepsies in an effort to identify markers of epileptogenicity and epileptogenesis.
The computer based system will first be used in hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Centers where epilepsy patients are diagnosed and their epilepsies classified using video EEG monitoring over long periods of time.