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Synonyms for epilation

loss of hair

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the act of removing hair (as from an animal skin)

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Try it at home with: Braun Silk-epil 5 extra soft wet & dry legs and body epilator PS55, Tesco Panasonic ES-ED96 Epilator, PS99, Amazon IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.
This Braun epilator has the equivalent of 40 pivoting tweezers.
I found this considerably less painful than dry epilators I've used, even without using the 'gentle' setting for wimps.
Epil epilators and Braun Iontec hair styling range.
Appliance volume decreased high single digits due to market contraction in Western Europe and a strong base period for shavers, epilators and hair care appliances.
Top of the list is the electric nail file, while the second place went to epilators and hair crimpers came third.
With two new fancy waterproof epilators on the market at the same time, tabloid
Epilady, one of the nation's highest-profile brands of epilators for women, is considering making a stand in men's grooming, according to Amir Abileah, the company's vice president.
Epilators, first introduced by Epilady in 1986, work by removing hair at the root, similar to waxing.
Summary: Rowenta - an eminent brand associated with personal care equipment - such as hair dryers and epilators, has launched the new improved Brush Activ 1000 with higher wattage & more comfortable handle that delivers professional results.
In the olden days, before the invention of epilators, many women walked around the planet looking like Rafa Benitez, with little tufts of hair around their chops.
The company's extensive lineup of epilators operate via a patented tweezer disc technology that quickly and efficiently removes hair from the root, effectively removing hair for days or weeks, depending on the individual.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Personal Care Appliances in Thousand Units by the following Product Segments: Hair Care Appliances (Curling Brushes, Curling Irons, Hair Clippers, Hair Dryers, & Hair Setters), Oral Care Appliances, (Electric Toothbrushes, Oral Irrigators, & Plaque Removers), Hair Removal Appliances (Mens Shavers, Womens Shavers, Epilators, & Trimmers (Beard & Mustache), and Other Personal Care Appliances (Heating Pads, Whirlpool Baths (Portable), & Massagers).
Sterex Academy offers courses for beginners that cover topics on how to use the electrolysis epilators as a hair removal machine and advanced professional training that is more specialised and to treat skin conditions.